If you are thinking of buying a second hand house in Spain, this interests you

  There will be a tax change when buying a home in 2022 Congress accepted a bill that will modify the calculation of the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP), the tax paid by those who buy a used home. From now on, the buyer will not pay taxes for what his second-hand house has cost him, if not for its market value (the reference value estimated by the General Directorate of the Land Registry). The Ministry of Finance ensures that this new law will enter into force in January 2022, which will affect all sales that are signed from this date, since it is not retroactive. What does this modification suppose? This tax will be calculated from real estate transaction prices provided by Notaries and Registrars. Therefore, it is not necessary to visit the property, nor will you have to know the state of conservation, materials used, if it is renovated ... This will affect the ITP (Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions) and the Tax on Inheritance and Donations (ISyD). It will no longer be necessary to make a visit or an on-site check of the property sold, inherited or donated to know if the taxpayer has paid the correct value, the taxable base will be the reference value approved by the Cadastre. If the taxpayer does not agree with the reference value, they will have to prove their mistake with evidence, the burden of proof falling on the taxpayer and they will have to demonstrate that the Land Registry reference value does not correspond to the market value.   How does it affect the buyer of a used home? Currently, many times a value check is made, which is when the regional Treasury checks the value of the property purchased because it estimates that the buyer has paid less taxes than he should, where the new reference value based on the cadastre comes into play. Due to the fact that the houses are valued above the notarized price, the autonomous estate ends up demanding from the buyer of a cheap house or the heir of a house a payment higher than that initially paid by the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) or the Inheritance Tax and Donations (ISD). difference between market price and management value   Normally when this happens the regional Treasury opens a claim when it believes that the value of a sale or inheritance is higher than the price that was registered, according to the regional administrations or the reference value (when it comes into force in 2022). This modification of the extra property tax as a "complementary settlement of securities" that is accompanied by interest for late payment. This tells us that there is a big difference between the market price and the value established by the administration. And how are the CCAA going to determine the value of a house? As of January 2022, it will be done with the new reference value approved by the General Directorate of the Land Registry. Therefore, the administration will not be obliged to send an expert to make a visit to the house sold, inherited or donated, so the seller who makes reforms to his house to revalue it before selling it will be punished considering that it is worth the same as a house in the same area without reforms. Although this reference value has not yet been approved, it is envisaged that “When there is no reference value or it cannot be certified by the General Directorate of Cadastre, the taxable base, without prejudice to the administrative verification, will be the highest of the following magnitudes: the value declared by the interested parties or the market value ”.   Therefore, when the Land Registry reference value comes into force, taxpayers must declare in accordance with said value, because it is required by law. How to act until the new Land Registry reference value comes into force? This new rule provides that the taxable base of the properties will be this reference value based on the Cadastre, but until the new value comes into force the legal forecast remains incomplete. For this reason, in 2021, the assessments will have to be made as before. Using any of the means provided in article 57.1 of the General Tax Law, claiming that the methods used are not adequate to obtain the market value of the property. And criticizing, depending on the case, the lack of a visit by the expert to the property, or the use of a means such as mortgage appraisal, reviled by several Superior Courts of Justice. Therefore, this delay in the Land Registry in approving its reference value will give us a slight truce, before the new value checks take effect, once the reference value is applicable.   Be very careful with paying taxes according to the value of reference in case of deed for a higher amount!   With this new tax anti-fraud law, the taxpayer has the obligation to pay taxes for the taxed value if it is higher than the official value of the Autonomous Community. The new wording of article 10 of the Property Transfer Tax Law states that “if the value of the property declared by the interested parties, the agreed price or consideration, or both are higher than its reference value, the taxable base will be the greater of these magnitudes ”. For example: If you buy a property for € 400,000 but the official valuation of the corresponding Autonomous Community is only € 290,000. Many taxpayers considered that, in this case, they are claiming the possibility of paying taxes for the official value of the Community, without exposing themselves to receiving a value check. And that article 46.3 of the Transmission Tax Law was not applicable in these cases. How to challenge the new Land Registry reference value There are two options to contest this reference value for which it is considered not to reflect the purchase value:   ·  Self-liquidate for the official value and immediately afterwards request the rectification of the self-assessment,
     also challenging the reference value.

  ·  Self-liquidate for the value that the taxpayer considers that the home has (usually the deed) and later appeal the verification of values that may come from the regional administration. Both settlement and the reference value will be used. In this case, the Tax Administration will resolve a previous mandatory and binding report from the General Directorate of the Land Registry, which ratifies or corrects the aforementioned value, in view of the documentation provided. That is, it will be the Treasury who will request a report from the Land Registry to ratify or correct the reference value of the home purchased or inherited. Taxes linked to the sale For second-hand homes, the most important tax is the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP). In this case, it depends on the percentage that is applied on the notarized price and on the autonomous community in which the house is located, although as a general rule between 6% and 10% is applied. However, for VPO, large families and young people there are usually reduced rates. For example, in Madrid large families who buy a free home will pay a 4% ITP on the notarized price as long as the home purchased is the usual one. These types currently apply: The agency, an optional expense  The agencies are usually the entities that the client can hire to process the tax settlement and manage other paperwork related to the purchase of the property. They are usually contracted when a mortgage is opened to acquire the property, its cost is usually around € 300, depending on the autonomous community and the services provided. However, if you need help to buy your property and need advice on the market, real estate laws or any other management on the property you want to acquire, you can receive free advice or help in legal procedures we can offer you exactly what you need, since we have more of 26 years building homes thanks to our team that has the experience and updating of the real estate market.

Most used apps in Fuengirola

  Are you planning your vacations on the Costa del Sol? Do you want to organize your plans without unforeseen events? Well, it's time for you to know the applications that we use the most in Fuengirola and surroundings to keep us informed
at all times on the news and information of the present.
You will be able to see which beach is more convenient for you to rest without so many crowds, the state of the beaches or the current weather.
These applications will serve you as if you live here as if you come on vacation, because you can keep abreast
of everything that happens in our city at any time from your smartphone.   MOST USED APPLICATIONS IN FUENGIROLA   1.Social Guardian It allows you to check the capacity of public spaces in the city without having to risk exposure to crowds,
allowing you to anticipate and plan your leisure time. How does it work? 1- Choose where you want to go. 2- Check the capacity of the area.        3- Plan your time to avoid queues and annoying crowds.
                         2.Juntos Fuengirola Avanza Application designed for citizens of Fuengirola who want to warn of any incident
on public roads, streets in poor condition, poorly marked obstacles, lack of cleanliness... This application sends the incidents directly to the Fuengirola Town Hall so that they can do something about it. Once the incident has been fixed
the Town Hall will send you an evaluation of the incident so they know your opinion about the changes made.
A cell phone is required to activate the application via SMS in order to be able to give warnings. Once activated you can use the application.
        3. + Fuengirola Perfect for both, visitors and locals of Fuengirola. This app contains a lot of useful information about Fuengirola and its activities.
In this app you can find from real time bus schedules, concerts and events that exist in the city, so you know what to do and where to go at all times.
If you are lost and do not know where to look to find out the latest news on the Costa del Sol. What are you waiting for to download it!        4. Telpark If you don't want to waste time paying at the parking meter or you want to increase the time of your parking in the green or blue
parking in the green or blue zones of the public streets of Fuengirola this will save you time and effort.
With this app you will be able to know how much time you have left for parking, pay while you are on your way to your work or appointment without taking more time for your
appointment without having to take longer because of the parking meter.
Avoid queues, waiting and looking for a parking meter. Parking in these areas has never been easier,
Plus, if you arrive early, you can cancel your hour limit and get back the unspent portion of your parking time. In short, it is designed to make your life easier without wasting time paying directly at the parking meter.         5.Infomedusas Are you tired of finding jellyfish on the beach and not wanting to swim?
Are you allergic to jellyfish stings? This application is a great invention to avoid finding jellyfish on your favorite beach, from this app you can choose the beach you want to visit and it will show you
the quantity, variety and danger of these jellyfish so you can be informed at all times of the spots where they are found.
and it will indicate you the quantity, variety and danger of jellyfish so that you are informed at all times of the points with more influxes of jellyfish, protecting you
and your family from their annoying stings. With more influxes of jellyfish protecting you and your family from their annoying stings that can ruin your day.            If you want to know more information about these applications click on the title or on the image to be redirected to the download page.
There you can find reviews, compatibility and services offered by the apps.

How to get the FREE energy certificate?

 Are you on the verge of selling your home, but paperwork is holding you back and preventing you
from moving forward with the sale?  This certificate could help you convince potential buyers and prevent this process from taking a long time, giving an incentive to those who are interested in buying
your property or being one step closer to being able to rent it.   Among other things, having the energy certificate can help you verify if a home has many energy costs, so many clients will ask you about this certificate to find out what type of electrical installation your home has and how it performs in terms of electricity consumption and expenses. , but...
What is the energy efficiency certificate? It is an official document drawn up by a competent technician that includes objective information on the energy characteristics of a property.
This energetically qualifies a property by calculating the annual energy consumption necessary to satisfy the energy demand of a building under normal conditions of occupation and operation. (includes hot water production, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation)
La escala de calificación energética es de siete letras y varía entre las letras A (edificio más eficiente energéticamente) y G (edificio menos eficiente energéticamente). Este certificado resulta obliga torio, salvo excepciones, para el propietari  o de cualquier parte individual de un edificio existente (viviendas, oficinas o locales) objeto deuna operación de compraventa o de alquiler.
The energy rating scale is seven letters long and ranges from A (most energy efficient building) to G (least energy efficient building). This certificate is mandatory, with exceptions,for the owner of any individual part of an existing building (homes, offices or premises) subject to a sale or rental operation.
For whom is this certificate mandatory? This energy certificate is not mandatory for everyone who owns a property, but it is mandatory for those who intend to rent or sell their property or for those who request a grant to rehabilitate their building.
If you belong to one of these three groups, you need this energy rating:  Owner intending to sell their homes. It can be requested by the future buyer or the notary with whom you will arrange the papers to sell your property.
 Owner with interest in renting, must have said certificate in force to be able to rent the property. Parts of isolated buildings with a useful surface of less than 50m2 are excluded from this group and homes that are going to be used for less than 4 months a year and with an energy consumption of less than 25% of what would result if they were used the whole year.completo.

 Community of owners who wish to apply for aid or subsidies to carry out certain maintenance and / or rehabilitation works, need to have the so-called building evaluation report, which is made up of several documents and one of them is the energy certificate.      Why is it important to acquire this energy certificate? Because selling or renting without having an energy certificate is an offense and is sanctioned with fines ranging between € 300 and € 600, it will also be easier for you to convince the potential buyer and you will avoid problems at the time of sale.
  In which buildings is the energy efficiency certificate not necessary? Buildings and monuments officially protected for being part of a declared environment, or because of their particular architectural or historical value. Religious and worship buildings.
Buildings with useful area of less than 50 m2. Workshops or dwellings provided alleres o habitáculos for agricultural work and not for residential use. Buildings that, due to their characteristics, must remain open. Provisional constructions, that are less than two years old from their manufacture.
Buildings or parts of buildings whose use is less than four months per year, or for a limited time per year and that results in an energy consumption of less than 25% of that expected for its use during the entire year, provided that this is established by means of responsible statement from the homeowner.  
                                  How can I obtain an energy efficiency certificate?   Currently there are technicians specialized in this type of certificate, they will value your home and assign a rating. Find an authorized certifying technician in your area, and make an appointment to visit your home. During his visit, the technician will make a sketch, take measurements of the rooms, check the materials of the façade and enclosures, and inspect the heating and air conditioning installations. When he finishes, he will make a plan and enter the data into a computer program that will provide him with the energy rating. With all this valuable information, the technician will generate a dossier for you to keep. It will include recommendations for improvement that would allow you to improve the energy rating.
Register the certificate: once you have the document, you must present it to the competent body of your autonomous community, so that it verifies that everything is correct and they record it. You can do the registration yourself, although most certifying technicians offer to do it for you, making your life easier. Once registered and approved, the official energy label will be issued.    How much does it cost to get the energy rating of your house? Energy certificates have to be carried out by qualified technicians, otherwise they will not have any type of value. These have a cost that varies around several factors: location, type of property, area in square meters, facilities ...
 Su precio aproximado varía dependiendo de la zona, la demanda y el técnico, pero para que te hagas una idea suele rondar en viviendas de menos de 80 metros cuadrados entre 80 y 250 euros. Para viviendas más grandes, el precio va incrementándose progresivamente, situándonos en alrededor de para viviendas de entre 80 y 150 metros cuadrados. Its approximate price varies depending on the area, the demand and the technician, but to give you an idea it usually hovers in homes of less than 80 square meters between 80 and 250 euros. For larger homes, the price is progressively increasing, reaching around 100-300 euros for homes between 80 and 150 square meters.  
How can you get your free energy certificate, at no cost?   If you are thinking of leaving it for the last minute, you could lose a potential buyer for not having done it before, this certificate could be a great incentive for your potential client and it may be the reason they need to take the last step and buy your home. But ... What if we told you that you can get it without having to invest time or money in it?
Now you can benefit from our exclusive offer that we have created for you
Saving you looking for the best price for your certificate and having to go and certify the energy rating record. Because ... Our specialized technicians will take care of everything at no cost, you will only have to make an appointment for them to qualify your home. Once done, they will certify and deliver it to you. Without having to do any kind of paperwork.
   What do you have to do to get the energy certificate for free?
Requirements to obtain the energy certificate
for free with GR ESTATES:                                                                      1- You need to be a homeowner in Fuengirola or nearby.  
                                        2- Work with us.
                                        3- Register to our news channel to benefit from our promotion.
                                        4- Write us an email to with the information and your interest.

What does an estate agent do when selling a house?

  Help you set the value of your home An estate agent will be able to give you an expert view on how much your house is worth, setting it at the right price to market.
They will draw upon their knowledge of the local property market as well sold prices of other local homes like yours. It is important to do your research first so you have a figure in your mind.
To do this, start by getting a free online instant valuation and by checking Land Registry figures                                                  
A good agent will have experience of what features buyers in the local area are looking for, If you are considering using an online estate agent,
you need to know that online agents tend to lack knowledge of the local market and will therefore be heavily reliant on online data to carry out their valuations.   Market your home Your estate agent should arrange for your property to be professionally photographed, get an accurate floor plan drawn up and write a detailed, accurate, attractive description of your home to be used in the brochure, its shop window and on the big property portals. You shouldn’t have to pay any extra for the photography and these other basics as they should all be included in the % fee the estate agent charges for marketing and selling your home. Before you start marketing your home it is a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which tells potential buyers how information about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs. Your home will be given an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and the EPC is valid for 10 years. If you don’t have it. Your local estate agent can organise this for you for a fee.   Conduct viewings Your estate agent will arrange viewings of your home and guide potential buyers around the property answering any questions or queries people have.
Your agent should also make sure your property is secure when they leave after a viewing.
Once your property is on the books with an estate agent they may have a list of potential buyers who have expressed an interest in a property like yours that they will call to market your home to.  The advantage of using an estate agent to conduct viewings on your behalf is they are seen as a more neutral party by potential buyers who may ask them questions that they would be embarrassed to ask the owner themselves.   Manage negotiations A key part of an estate agent’s job is to manage negotiations and act as a go-between for any potential buyers and the owner of a property. Offers should be made to the estate agent who will pass them on to the owner and, similarly, relay the seller’s response to any offer submitted.

If you are thinking about making an offer on a property you can ask the estate agent for more information on the position of the owners – have they found their dream home and are they in need of a quick sale, or do they need
someone who is prepared to wait while they hunt for somewhere to live? Buyers can also usually get a feel for what level of offer might be considered acceptable by the vendor via the estate agent.
Many people think an estate agent’s job ends once an offer has been accepted, but this is where a good estate agent will really come into their own by helping make sure that the offer moves forward, unblocking issues up During this period your estate agent can act as your adviser. You can lean on them as much or as little as you want. You should choose a real estate agent who gives you confidence and can give you a subjective and real opinion of your situation in the real estate market.
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