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Before Buying a Second-Hand Home Are you thinking of buying a property in the Costa del Sol? Before taking the step towards purchasing a second-hand property, it's essential to follow a series of key steps and procedures to ensure an informed and safe purchase. As experts in documents and purchase-sale procedures in real estate agencies in the Costa del Sol, at GR Estates, we will guide you through this article on what you need to know before making that important decision.  Research and Initial Evaluation First and foremost, it's crucial to research the location and neighborhood of the property you are interested in. As GR Estates, a renowned real estate agency in the Costa del Sol, we understand the importance of finding a location that fits your needs and preferences. By comparing prices of similar properties in Fuengirola and other areas of the Costa del Sol, you can get a better idea of the market value and make more informed decisions. Budget and Financing One of the first steps is to assess your budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on a property. If you need financing, we recommend consulting with financial institutions to obtain a pre-approval for a mortgage loan. Our team at GR Estates can assist you in this process to facilitate your search. Physical, Legal, and Technical Inspection A thorough physical inspection is crucial before finalizing any deal. We recommend conducting this inspection along with a professional inspector to identify potential structural, electrical, or plumbing issues. This is especially important when considering new constructions in Malaga, where we want to ensure everything is in optimal condition for you. As part of the process, it's necessary to request legal and technical information from the seller regarding the property. This includes the property title, construction plans, permits, and maintenance records. These details are essential to ensure transparency and legality in the transaction. Negotiation and Offer Once you are satisfied with the property after inspection and evaluation, it's time to submit an offer to the seller. At GR Estates, we provide guidance in negotiations and help you in crafting a competitive and fair offer. Preparation of the Purchase-Sale Contract When an agreement is reached, the purchase-sale contract is prepared. This contract should clearly outline all agreed terms, including price, delivery conditions, deadlines, and responsibilities of both parties. Our legal experts can assist you in this phase to ensure everything is in order. Legal and Notarial Verification It's crucial to have a lawyer specialized in real estate law review the contract and verify its legality. Additionally, the notary public will certify the contract's signature and ensure the transaction's legal validity. At GR Estates, we work with qualified professionals to ensure a legally sound process. Payment and Closing The payment and closing of the transaction are critical steps. Payment is made according to the agreed conditions in the contract, and on the closing date, final documents are completed, and the property is transferred. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure a successful and hassle-free closing. Property Registration and Delivery After closing, the change of ownership is registered in the corresponding office. Finally, the physical delivery of the property to the buyer is carried out, including the handover of keys and necessary documents. At GR Estates, as leaders in the real estate market in Fuengirola and the Costa del Sol, we are committed to providing you with the best service and guidance at every stage of your purchase. Our goal is for you to enjoy your new property with complete peace of mind and security. If you are ready to take the step towards your dream property in the Costa del Sol, Contact Us today to start your search informed and successfully! GR Estates, your trusted partner in properties in the Costa del Sol!   The GR Estates Team

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Give the Best Experiences on the Costa del Sol Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show her how much you love her and to offer her the best experience that you can all enjoy together. How about surprising her with a dream vacation on the Costa del Sol? At GR Estates, we are pleased to offer you the possibility of giving your mum an unforgettable vacation in a paradisiacal destination. Why a vacation on the Costa del Sol is the perfect gift Relaxation and enjoyment: Our holiday properties in Fuengirola offer a luxurious and comfortable environment where your mum can relax and enjoy her vacation to the fullest. Unique experience: From dreamy beaches to exciting tourist activities, the Costa del Sol has everything she needs for a unique vacation experience. Exclusive services: With GR Estates, she'll have access to exclusive services such as personalized assistance, activity recommendations, guides, dining options, and much more, to ensure your stay is perfect. Fuengirola Guide: What to do, where to eat, what to visit: For those of you who choose Fuengirola as your next tourist destination, and GR Estates as your sea-view accommodation! Discover our Holiday Rentals in Fuengirola We invite you to explore our wide range of holiday properties in Fuengirola. From cozy apartments with sea views to luxurious villas with private pools, we have the perfect option for an unforgettable vacation. Just give us a heads up in advance as our calendars fill up quickly! Beachfront apartments: Ideal for enjoying the sun and sand just steps from your accommodation. Luxury villas: Spacious and equipped with all the amenities for an exclusive vacation experience. Additional services: Discover our complementary services such as cleaning and advice to make your vacation worry-free. Here we highlight some of our holiday rentals. We have options for all tastes and budgets... imagine the most visited ones!             Highlights of Fuengirola Experiences If you fall in love with our city and decide to gift this experience to your mum, you'll find exciting activities she can enjoy during her stay on the Costa del Sol if she's more into adventure. From water sports like surfing and diving to hiking in the nearby mountains, water and land routes, sailing, racing, paintball, and much more. This corner of Spain has it all! In addition to adventure, she'll also enjoy delicious gastronomy and rich local culture. We'll recommend some restaurants and bars where your mum can savor authentic Spanish cuisine and experience the local culture. Below, we list three of the best restaurants for us, but the diversity in this city is immense, so feel free to research and discover new places. Blackberry Café - A modern and charming space with tropical vibes and a cozy atmosphere where you'll find a café, a casual restaurant, and mind-blowing cocktails where you'll be in your element at any time of day and just steps from the beach and Sohail Castle... a must-visit in Fuengirola! Arte y Cocina Restaurant - Leads the TripAdvisor ranking thanks to its creative Mediterranean cuisine and fresh products. It offers a modern atmosphere and very friendly service. Palangreros Restaurant - An essential place to eat in Fuengirola, with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and high-quality dishes. Why Choose GR Estates as a Gift? Experience and quality: We are a renowned agency with over 25 years of experience in the holiday rental market on the Costa del Sol. Range of options: We have a wide selection of holiday properties so your mum can choose the one that best suits her tastes and needs. Personalized attention: Our team will be available to provide all the assistance you need during your stay. This Mother's Day, surprise mum with a gift she'll remember forever. Give her an unforgettable vacation on the Costa del Sol with GR Estates. Can you imagine her face when she finds out you've booked a mini getaway for Mother's Day?. Book now and make this year truly special!   The GR Estates Team

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  Discover the Advantages of Investing in Holiday Properties on the Costa del Sol Welcome to our GR Estates blog! Today we want to share with you the many reasons why investing in holiday properties in the beautiful Costa del Sol is a smart and exciting decision, especially during the spring-summer season. Let's dive in! 1. Holiday Rental Potential in this Area The Costa del Sol is an internationally renowned tourist destination, making it an ideal place to invest in properties for holiday rentals. The demand for temporary rentals soars during the high season months, giving you the opportunity to earn significant additional income while you're not using the property. Imagine making a return on your investment while enjoying your own holidays! Or even permanently having your best holidays in Malaga in your own home, without accommodation costs and with the utmost comfort of your own home. Can there be anything better than this? 2. Natural Beauty and Pleasant Climate With its mild Mediterranean climate and over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Costa del Sol offers an idyllic environment for unforgettable holidays. From extensive golden sandy beaches to charming white villages in the mountains, such as Mijas pueblo, this region captivates tourists and investors alike. The pleasant climate during the high season attracts visitors from around the world, increasing the demand for holiday accommodation. 3. Diversity of Activities and Leisure One of the major attractions of the Costa del Sol is its wide variety of activities for all tastes and ages. From playing golf on some of Europe's best courses to enjoying exciting water sports, exploring the rich history and culture in museums and monuments, to simply relaxing in luxury spas or enjoying lively nightlife, there's something for everyone looking for an unforgettable holiday, and if you have a holiday rental on the Costa del Sol, your home will never be empty. 4. Safe Investment and Growth Potential Investing in properties in the Costa del Sol not only offers income through holiday rentals but also represents a solid long-term investment. The real estate market in this region has proven to be stable with continuous growth potential, meaning your property could increase in value over time, providing you with an excellent opportunity to gain significant returns. 5. Mediterranean Lifestyle Experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle is an enriching experience that attracts investors and tourists alike. From delicious local cuisine to the warmth and hospitality of the people, living or vacationing in the Costa del Sol will immerse you in a relaxed and charming Mediterranean atmosphere. At GR Estates, we are committed to helping you find the perfect holiday property that suits your needs and interests. Contact us today to start your journey into real estate investment in the charming Costa del Sol! We hope this information has inspired you, and we'll be delighted to share more tips and useful information in our future posts, so stay tuned!   The GR Estates Team

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  The eagerly awaited Fuengirola International Countries Fair, formerly known as the Town Fair, is making a grand return on Wednesday 1 May 2024 with its spectacular opening parade through the streets of Fuengirola! This edition promises to be a five-day celebration, culminating on Sunday 5 May 2024. Stay tuned as we tell you all about it in today's blog! About the Fuengirola International Countries Fair The Fuengirola International Countries Fair is well known throughout Spain and Europe, as it is one of the largest events held in Fuengirola. It is a meeting point for different countries and cultures from around the world. It is held at the Fuengirola fairgrounds, and in each booth, you will find a different country where you can enjoy its gastronomy, customs, and culture... all in one place! With continuous hours from 13:00 to 04:00, this year's fair has a slight change in its schedule. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, music in the booths will stop at 02:00 to ensure the peaceful rest of local residents. Every day, there will be gastronomy, crafts, and live folk performances from different countries in their respective booths and at the Fuengirola Fairgrounds, and all for free. This Year's News One of the exciting news for this year is the return of participation from 33 countries. With the Coordination Centre moving to the Palacio de la Paz, a new country joins the cast: Lebanon, marking its debut in the history of the Fuengirola International Countries Fair. Although we will miss the participation of Chile, we welcome back Italy, Senegal, and Sweden, adding diversity and cultural richness to the fair. Are you ready to go around the world in five days? Don't Miss the Parade! The colourful and vibrant parade is scheduled for Wednesday 1 May, starting at 11:30 from the Town Hall Square. It will feature folk groups representing the participating countries of the FIP 2024, offering a fantastic opportunity to experience the world's cultural diversity right here in Fuengirola. Enjoy Multiculturalism with GR Estates And while you immerse yourself in the excitement of the Fuengirola International Countries Fair, don't forget that GR Estates offers a wide range of holiday rentals in Fuengirola. From cosy apartments with sea views to luxury villas with a pool, we have the perfect option for you to fully enjoy your stay on the Costa del Sol. Contact us today to book your ideal accommodation and make your experience in Fuengirola unforgettable! Here, we highlight some of the holiday rental properties offered by GR Estates in Fuengirola. We have options for all tastes and budgets... here are the most visited ones!   The GR Estates Team

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  The Ideal Gift for the Adventurous Dad is a Weekend in the Costa del Sol Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Want to surprise your adventurous dad with something truly special? Look no further! At GR Estates, we have the perfect solution: holiday rentals on the stunning Costa del Sol. In this blog, we show you why a mini vacation on the Costa del Sol is the ideal Father's Day gift. Stay tuned! Discover Fuengirola, the Jewel of the Costa del Sol Discover with him why Fuengirola is the ideal destination for a family vacation by the coast. From its beautiful beaches to its vibrant nightlife and exciting outdoor activities, Fuengirola has everything to offer for an unforgettable experience. Stroll along Fuengirola's beautiful beaches with over 8 km of coastline Relax on one of the beach bar sun loungers with the aroma of grilled seafood... what a pleasure! Travel back in time by visiting the famous Sohail Castle in Fuengirola Enjoy some "tardeo" with white wine and sea breeze  Here you will have all this and much more, so we have created for you the "Fuengirola Guide: What to do, where to eat, what to visit" for all those who choose Fuengirola as their next tourist destination, and GR Estates as your sea view accommodation! Holiday Rental in Fuengirola Here we highlight some of the holiday rental properties offered by GR Estates in Fuengirola. From luxurious villas with sea views to cozy apartments in the heart of the city, we have options for all tastes and budgets... we leave you the most visited ones!               Activities for the Adventurous Dad If you fall in love with our city and decide to gift this experience to your dad, you'll find exciting activities for your adventurous dad to enjoy during his stay on the Costa del Sol. From water sports like surfing and diving to hiking in the nearby mountains, aquatic and land routes, sailing, racing, paintball and much more. This corner of Spain has it all! In addition to adventure, you'll also enjoy delicious gastronomy and a rich local culture. Here, we'll recommend some restaurants and bars where your dad can enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine and get to know the local culture. Below are three of the best restaurants for us, but the diversity in this city is huge, don't hesitate to look for information and discover new places. Blackberry Cafe - A modern and charming space with tropical vibes and a cozy atmosphere where you'll find a café, a casual restaurant, and some amazing cocktails where you'll be in your element at any time of the day and just steps away from the beach and Sohail Castle... a must-visit in Fuengirola! Arte y Cocina Restaurant - Leading the TripAdvisor rankings thanks to its creative Mediterranean cuisine and fresh products. It offers a modern atmosphere and very friendly service. Restaurante Palangreros - It's a must-visit for dining in Fuengirola, with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and high-quality dishes. Book Now and Surprise Him! Can you imagine the look on his face when he finds out you've booked a mini getaway for Father's Day? A holiday on the Costa del Sol is the perfect gift, with beautiful beaches, exciting activities, and a rich local culture, there's no better way to celebrate Father's Day. Book now and make this year truly special!   The GR Estates Team

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  Discover the Best Romantic Getaways with GR Estates Welcome to a charming journey through Fuengirola, a magical corner on the Costa del Sol where romance intertwines with Mediterranean beauty. In this blog, we will not only explore the most romantic destinations in Fuengirola but also introduce you to the vacation rental properties of GR Estates, designed to turn your getaway into an unforgettable experience. 1. Beaches that Captivate Imagine strolling hand in hand on golden sandy beaches while the sun reflects on the crystal-clear waters of the sea. The beaches of Los Boliches and Carvajal are perfect for couples seeking tranquility and romance. And if you're looking for the sun to set on the maritime horizon in an unparalleled historical landscape, don't hesitate to visit the sunset on the beaches and surroundings of Sohail Castle. Additionally, GR Estates offers vacation apartments just steps from these beaches, where every sunrise and sunset becomes a masterpiece you can't miss. 2. Dinner Under the Stars Discover the cuisine of Fuengirola in restaurants that captivate hearts. Places like BlackBerry Café offer not only gastronomic delights but also breathtaking views. Can you imagine enjoying these experiences just minutes from your accommodation? With GR Estates, you can have it all: cozy properties and the best restaurants at your fingertips. 3. Stroll along the Promenade The Promenade of Fuengirola is a silent witness to countless love stories. Many have used these walks to hide a ring somewhere on its beautiful beaches, and, when the time comes, unite their love forever in marriage. Stroll hand in hand with your loved one, absorbing the relaxed atmosphere and the gentle sound of the waves. Our apartments near the Promenade will provide you with the convenience to immerse yourself in this romantic atmosphere whenever you desire. 4. Water Activities for Two If you're looking for adventures together, Fuengirola offers exciting water activities. From paddle surfing to kayaking, dive into fun and connection. And when you return, relax in one of our vacation rentals with incredible sea views, where comfort and romance merge. 5. Cultural Visits as a Couple Explore the entire city and its history; the historic center, the Rosario Church, Bioparc Fuengirola, its local cinema Alfil... so much to choose from! And, of course, one of the most important and characteristic monuments of this wonderful corner of Southern Spain: Sohail Castle, a historical gem with panoramic views. Can you imagine staying in an apartment that pays homage to this rich heritage? Or seeing it directly from your terrace? With us, you can. We are just a WhatsApp away Fuengirola is more than a destination; it is a romantic experience that will linger in your memory. With GR Estates, you not only discover captivating places but also find the perfect accommodation for your romantic getaway. Are you ready to write your own love story in Fuengirola? Explore our rental apartments and make your getaway an unforgettable romance. ¡Contact us today and start your journey with GR Estates!   The GR Estates Team

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  Planning a Holiday Rental and Not Sure Where to Begin? If you're considering renting out your property as a vacation home in the stunning Costa del Sol, you've come to the right place. At GR Estates, we understand the importance of optimizing your property to attract guests and maximize your income in this coveted region of Southern Spain: Malaga. In this detailed guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and highlight current trends in the holiday rental market on the Costa del Sol. 1. Prioritize the Decoration The first impression is essential, especially in such an exclusive location like the Costa del Sol. Opt for decoration that reflects brightness and elegance; fresh colors, modern furniture, and nautical details can enhance the Mediterranean feel. Also, consider incorporating elements that highlight the beauty of Malaga, such as local photographs or artworks by regional artists. In general, by investing a little in decoration, keeping walls and floors clean, adding some greenery, and a welcoming touch, you'll leave a great first impression and likely secure those initial guests who choose your rental based on photos over others, even earning recommendations after their stay. 2. Offer Additional Services for a Unique Experience Offer services that not only meet expectations but exceed them. In the Costa del Sol, a property with direct access to the beach or a pool with panoramic views can make all the difference. Ensure you provide information about local activities, such as excursions to the charming white villages of Malaga, recommendations for places to visit, or gastronomic routes. These experiences will contribute to your guests having a unique experience in Southern Spain. 3. Invest in Advertising and Social Media Online promotion is crucial to highlight your property on the Costa del Sol. Use popular platforms that attract travelers interested in the charm of this region, ensuring you optimize your listings for "holiday rental on the Costa del Sol" and "property on the Costa del Sol." Additionally, leverage social media to showcase the beauty of your property and the cultural richness of Malaga. 4. Stay Informed About Trends The Costa del Sol is known for its exceptional climate and a variety of available activities. Properties close to golf courses, beaches, and historic centers are in high demand. Moreover, sustainability and authenticity are growing trends. Consider implementing eco-friendly practices and providing authentic experiences that allow guests to immerse themselves in the local culture of Malaga.   5. GR Estates: The Assistance You Need for Your Rental If you believe you can't provide the full experience and services you'd like to offer your guests due to lack of time, investment, or any other reason, and you have your property in Fuengirola, don't worry because we have the solution. At GR Estates, we specialize in maximizing your investment in the holiday rental market on the Costa del Sol. Our team offers comprehensive management services, from online promotion to day-to-day management and personalized guest attention. If you're looking for a complete solution for your property in Malaga, don't hesitate to contact us. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy the benefits of holiday rental in the gem of Southern Spain without stress or worries. Make your property in Fuengirola an unforgettable experience for your guests and a successful investment for you. Contact us today to discover how we can make your property stand out in the competitive holiday rental market!   The GR Estates Team

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One of the Most Important Resolutions At the start of the new year, it's inevitable to reflect on the past 12 months and envision our dreams for the future. In a period marked by inflation, fluctuating interest rates, and political uncertainty, along with significant changes in the real estate market due to the enforcement of new laws, it's essential to consider the current context when setting our resolutions for 2024, among which surely includes the goal of buying your own home. GR Estates assists you with the most important goal of your life. Note down the keys to achieve it!  1. Be Mindful of Your Consumption In challenging times like those in Spain today, it's crucial to carefully analyze our consumption habits. Inflation has impacted our economic resources, making it the perfect time to eliminate unnecessary expenses in our day-to-day life. Thoughtful consumption decisions not only benefit your wallet but also contribute to building a more responsible and sustainable market. Consider recycling more, choose local and durable products, and reduce unnecessary expenses to get closer to your goal of obtaining a new property. 2. Set Realistic and Consistent Savings Goals If your dream is to acquire a second home, rent a beautiful apartment, or buy your first property, setting realistic but strict savings goals is essential. With the possibility of a slight decrease in housing prices and stable interest rates, 2024 can be a favorable year to invest in the property you've always desired. Take the opportunity to sell items you no longer need and gain additional liquidity to finance your future projects. 3. Accurately Calculate Your Finances Before taking the step towards buying a house, it's essential to have sufficient savings. Experts suggest having at least 35% of the total value, including 20% for the mortgage and 10-15% allocated to variable expenses. This knowledge will help you determine what type of property you can afford and plan effectively. 4. Look for the Home You Truly Need In the midst of daily routines, don't forget the fundamental goal of finding a home that provides genuine comfort. This year is an opportunity to prioritize personal and family well-being by searching for a space that reflects your dreams and needs. The perfect home goes beyond square meters; it's where each room becomes a canvas for building unforgettable memories, surrounded by the services you want nearby or other family homes you'd like to have close by for unforeseen events. 5. Seize the Start of the Year for Renovations January is ideal for starting exciting projects, such as creating cozy spaces in your current property or one you've recently purchased. Personalize your home to fit your real needs, whether it's a reading nook, a yoga area, or a comfortable and healthy workspace. Cleanliness, order, and personalized design are key to fully enjoying your surroundings. 6. Sustainability in 2024 When moving to a new home, consider the impact of your lifestyle on the environment. 2024 is the perfect year to invest in renewable energies, establish a recycling system at home, and choose sustainable materials. Opting for natural textiles and furniture contributes to a more eco-friendly and durable home, also aligning with the current trend in interior design. At GR Estates, we're here to help you achieve your real estate resolutions in 2024 in the best corner of Spain: the paradise of the Costa del Sol. Wishing you a year full of accomplishments and looking forward to your call for the perfect home on the Costa del Sol!   The GR Estates Team

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Discover the Christmas Magic on the Costa del Sol Welcome to the Costa del Sol, where the sun shines even in December, and the magic of Christmas intertwines with the unique beauty of this charming region. If you're planning a trip this festive season, the Costa del Sol is the perfect destination. Here are some tips to make the most of your Christmas experience in this wonderful land, where GR Estates has exceptional properties ready to make your stay unforgettable. 1. Find Your Christmas Retreat There's no better way to experience Christmas on the Costa del Sol than staying in one of our holiday rentals on the coast. From cozy apartments with sea views to luxurious villas with all the amenities, GR Estates has the perfect option for you. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and enjoying the twinkling lights of the coast from the comfort of your own temporary home. 2. Explore Local Christmas Markets Immerse yourself in the true Christmas atmosphere by exploring charming local markets. From Marbella to Malaga, these markets offer handmade products, festive decorations, and culinary delights that will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. Stroll among stalls full of colorful handmade gifts and try local specialties that you'll only find during this season. 3. Enjoy Events and Festivals The Costa del Sol comes to life with a series of events and festivals during the Christmas season. From bright parades to concerts and street performances, there's something for everyone. Check the local events calendar and immerse yourself in the festive culture of the region. Join in the local celebrations and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. 4. Escape to Nature If you prefer a quieter touch, take advantage of the mild weather of the Costa del Sol and explore the natural beauty that surrounds it. Stroll along the golden beaches, explore picturesque white villages like Mijas Pueblo or Nerja, or venture into trails that lead to breathtaking landscapes. The Costa del Sol offers a perfect mix of activities for all tastes. Also, take your time to enjoy panoramic views and relax in the serenity that this season offers. 5. Savor Local Gastronomy The Christmas festivities are the perfect excuse to delight your palate with delicious local gastronomy. Reserve a table at charming local restaurants offering special seasonal menus. From fresh seafood to traditional Andalusian dishes, your visit will be an unforgettable culinary experience. Don't forget to try turrón, a typical Spanish Christmas sweet that you can find in every corner of Malaga. We recommend a visit to Antequera, where you'll find the best polvorones in the area. And for an even more enchanting experience, how about enjoying the spectacular Christmas lights in Malaga? From a holiday rental in Fuengirola, you'll be strategically located to explore this wonderful illuminated city, with a mandatory visit to the famous Larios Street and its light show, and then return to the tranquility of the sunny city, without so much hustle and bustle. The advantages of having your own space on the Costa del Sol are unparalleled! At GR Estates, we help you find the perfect property to make your Christmas even more special. Happy holidays, and may your journey be filled with magical moments!   The GR Estates Team

Malaga, the best city in the world in terms of quality of life | GR Estates

What Are the Best Cities to Live in the World? GR Estates Presents the Favorites in 2023 InterNations, the leading global community for individuals living and working abroad, has recently unveiled its annual ranking of cities, a report highlighting the best places to live in the world in 2023. This list, evaluating 49 cities based on the experiences of expatriates in the past year, is the outcome of a survey of over 12,000 expatriates representing 177 nationalities and residing in 181 countries or territories. Factors such as quality of life, ease of settling in, personal finances, and others were carefully considered. And which city secured the top spot on the entire list? None other than our cherished Málaga, with its Costa del Sol and myriad factors enhancing its quality of life. Málaga: The Best City in the World to Live This year, Málaga, with its splendid Costa del Sol, claimed the top position, solidifying its status as the best city in the world to live and work. Located in Andalusia, Málaga, one of the most captivating cities, enchants with its rich history, vibrant artistic and cultural scene (the birthplace of Picasso), pleasant climate, and exquisite gastronomy. Málaga not only led the overall list but also excelled in local friendliness, climate and weather, and ranked first in the subcategories of work and leisure, as well as work-life balance. Expatriates praised the safety, affordable public transportation, numerous recreational options, and Málaga's vibrant social life. The only drawback: Málaga ranked 41st in the local job market. Spain, overall, emerges victorious this year, with five cities among the top 20. Alicante and Valencia claimed the second and third positions, respectively, following Málaga, with shared attributes such as ease of settling in, high quality of life, and robust personal finances. According to InterNations, these cities offer welcoming cultures that enable a pleasant and affordable life. GR Estates: Your Partner on the Costa del Sol If you're considering a move to the marvelous Costa del Sol, GR Estates is your reliable partner. Discover properties in the world's best city to live with us, offering a wide range of options tailored to your needs and preferences. From luxury villas and spectacular apartments overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to second-hand homes with high investment returns, both for sale and vacation rentals. We cover the entire Costa del Sol in search of the best property that suits your needs and comforts, and we're just a call away. This city is the paradise you deserve, guiding you to the best investments with the highest quality of life. Feel free to contact us for any information or advice about this area; our experience of over 25 years in this wonderful corner of southern Spain makes us one of the best real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol. InterNation's Top 20 Cities in the World Málaga, Spain Alicante, Spain Valencia, Spain Ras Al Khaimah Abu Dhabi, UAE Madrid, Spain Mexico City, Mexico Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Muscat, Oman Dubai, UAE Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, Spain Amsterdam, Netherlands Nairobi, Kenya Zurich, Switzerland Athens, Greece Stockholm, Sweden Luxembourg City, Luxembourg The Hague, Netherlands Discover more about properties on the enchanting Costa del Sol at Your new home awaits!   Full Forbes article here The GR Estates Team

Where to invest with inflation and uncertainty? | GR Estates

The economic situation in Spain has recently been marked by a scenario of inflation and uncertainty, factors that have had a significant impact on people's financial decisions. Rising prices and uncertainty regarding the economic future have led many people to seek safer and more stable investment alternatives. In this context, the real estate market has emerged as an attractive option for those seeking to safeguard their capital and obtain long-term sustainable returns. In particular, the Costa del Sol presents itself as a particularly promising region for real estate investment. With its attractive Mediterranean climate, picturesque scenery and strong tourist demand, the Costa del Sol offers an environment conducive to real estate growth. Throughout this article, we will explore the reasons why investing in property can be a prudent strategy in these times when investors are looking for safe havens to protect their capital. GR Estates teaches you some smart investment strategies and how certain choices can offer stability and solid returns. To that end, let's take a look at a ranking of investment possibilities that our team of real estate experts recommend when investing your capital. 1. Stable Residential Real Estate Residential properties in stable areas remain a solid pillar in times of uncertainty. The constant demand for housing, especially in established locations, contributes to investment stability. In places like the Costa del Sol, with its tourist and residential appeal, residential property can offer a resilient base for investors, as it is an area that enjoys a continuous flow of foreign and domestic tourists and visitors, not to mention the bold relevance that the province of Malaga is beginning to have in all areas of the country. 2. Commercial Real Estate with Long-Term Leases Commercial properties with long-term leases are an effective strategy to ensure a steady cash flow. Office, retail and other commercial space can provide financial stability during these uncertain economic times. Careful choice of long-term leases adds an additional layer of security to the investment, as long as you make good choices about both the location and the trade that will occupy your property. 3. Multi-family properties Investing in multi-family properties offers the advantage of income diversification. With multiple units and multiple tenants, these properties can be less susceptible to market fluctuations. In urban areas, the demand for multi-family housing often remains constant, providing an ongoing source of income that will provide a good long-term investment. 4. Properties in Emerging Markets A property in an emerging market refers to a real estate asset located in an economically developing and rapidly growing region or country. In these markets, real estate investment opportunities are often attractive due to factors such as expanding urbanisation, increased demand for housing and general economic development. Properties in emerging markets can offer significant returns as infrastructure improves, the middle class grows and demand for real estate increases. However, they can also bring with them increased risks, such as economic volatility and lack of regulation in some cases. The Costa del Sol, with its steady growth in tourism and foreign investment, represents an emerging real estate market. Careful research of developments and identification of areas with growth potential can offer lucrative opportunities. However, caution and a thorough assessment of the local market is recommended. 5. Mixed Use Properties Mixed-use properties, which combine residential and commercial elements, provide interesting diversification. This approach offers stability while capitalising on diverse sources of income. The adaptability of these properties makes them attractive to both investors and the surrounding community. 6. Low Cost Properties in Stable Markets Investing in low-cost properties in stable markets is a prudent strategy to mitigate risk. These properties may be less susceptible to market fluctuations and offer opportunities to generate rental income. On the Costa del Sol, the diversity of options can align with this strategy, especially in areas less subject to volatility. 7. Urban Development Investments Well-planned urban development projects can offer significant returns, but they also carry risks. If we follow the example of our Costa del Sol, with its ongoing tourist development, it can present opportunities in this regard. However, a detailed assessment of the market, project viability and management capacity is essential. We would like to conclude this article by explaining that real estate investments can offer solid strategies in times of uncertainty. In places like Málaga, where tourist and residential demand converge, the opportunities can be particularly attractive. However, the key lies in thorough research, diversification and working with industry professionals to make informed decisions and protect capital in a challenging economic environment. Explore wisely, and the real estate market could become your most reliable ally in times of change.   The GR Estates team

Avoid these mistakes when buying a property | GR Estates

Buying a property on the picturesque Costa del Sol is a dream for many. With its sunny climate, beautiful beaches and charming coastal towns, this region of Spain attracts buyers from all over the world. However, amidst the excitement, it is crucial to avoid certain common mistakes that could turn your dream into a real estate nightmare. GR Estates has put together a list of things you should definitely NOT do when buying a property... take note! 1. Ignoring neighbourhood research It can be tempting to fall in love with a property without paying enough attention to the neighbourhood, but not looking at the area in which you are buying your home is a MISTAKE. Do your research on safety, local amenities, transportation and any future development plans that may affect your quality of life in the future. A beautiful home in an unfavourable location could be a big disappointment in the long run, even if you think the house is worth buying because of its size, design or proximity to a specific location. 2. Neglecting home inspection Don't get carried away by the superficial appearance of a property; modern furniture, beautiful style similar to the one you are looking for, possibilities for major changes etc. Conduct a thorough inspection to identify possible structural, electrical or plumbing problems. Hiring a professional for a detailed inspection can save you from costly headaches in the future. 3. Underestimating hidden costs The price of the house is not the only cost to consider when buying a house. Local taxes, community fees, and possible repairs can add significantly to the total cost. Make a realistic budget that includes all these aspects, including the cost of transport (petrol, buses etc.) if the house is in the suburbs, to avoid unpleasant financial surprises once you are already living there and difficult to solve. 4. Forgetting solar orientation In a place with as much sun and light as the Costa del Sol, the orientation of the property is key. Make sure the property gets the amount of sunlight you want and consider how this will affect your energy bills. A poorly orientated property can result in too much extra heating or cooling costs. 5. Ignore local regulations and restrictions Local regulations can vary, and it is essential to be aware of them before buying a property. Check building regulations, land use restrictions and any other regulations that may affect your plans for the property you plan to purchase, such as alterations to add balconies, patios, renovations etc. This avoids legal problems in the future. 6. Dispensing with Professional Legal Advice Hiring a lawyer specialised in real estate transactions is a wise investment. Don't rely solely on the word of the seller of the property or your close family and friends if they don't have prior experience and knowledge of the industry. A legal professional will help you understand all the documents, clarify any doubts and ensure that you are legally protected. 7. Do not consider resale Even if you plan to stay in the property for a long time, it is wise to think about resale. The market can change, and a property with good resale demand gives you flexibility in the future. Don't be completely swayed by your personal preferences if this compromises the possibility of a successful future sale. Buying a property on the Costa del Sol is an exciting adventure, but avoiding these common mistakes is essential to ensure that your experience is a positive and profitable one. Caution and research are your best allies in this process. And, of course, we're always here for any questions you may have - contact us and feel confident that you'll make the best informed decisions. Good luck in your search for the perfect home!   The GR Estates team

Sustainable housing in real estate development | GR Estates

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, sustainable housing construction has become a cornerstone of modern real estate development. In this context, GR Estates brings you in this article what these new environmentally responsible developments consist of to offer homes that go beyond conventional expectations. Stay to find out all about it! Commitment to Sustainability The commitment to sustainability is starting to go beyond a simple trend in recent years. Each project starts with the careful selection of eco-friendly materials, from the base of the structures, floor, ground and roof. In addition, construction methods that minimise environmental impact are adopted, ensuring that each new home is a positive contribution to the environment. To meet this commitment, certain guidelines are followed when building these sustainable homes, such as energy efficiency, home design and the technology used. 1. Home Energy Efficiency In an effort to make the best use of available natural resources, state-of-the-art solar energy systems, such as solar panels, are incorporated. This investment not only reduces energy costs for residents, but also positions these homes as active contributors to energy sustainability, decreasing dependence on non-renewable sources. Particularly in our working area, the Costa del Sol, where the sun is an abundant and valuable resource, using solar energy systems is a very smart choice. On average, a single family home in this region will invest between 5,000 and 8,000 euros in a new solar panel installation. Despite the initial investment, the savings on electricity bills are immediate in this sunny region of Spain. It usually takes between four and seven years to recoup the investment, an attractive figure considering that the lifespan of solar panels is almost four times longer. 2. Ecological Design Sustainable architecture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also rooted in a connection with nature. New developments focus on creating green spaces and gardens that not only improve the quality of life for residents, but also encourage local biodiversity. Each project is conceived as an integral part of the surrounding landscape. 3. Smart Technology for Green Homes The technological revolution has also reached the field of sustainable construction. Energy management systems and smart homes are beginning to be incorporated that not only optimise consumption, but also make sustainability an active part of everyday life. From automating lights to monitoring energy consumption, technology is being used to make sustainable living easier and more convenient for residents. Transforming homes and lives The green wave in housing development today is not only transforming the way we build homes, but also how we live in them. This shift towards more sustainable homes is necessary to contribute to a future where harmony between the many new housing developments and environmental responsibility is the norm. And if you happen to be on holiday on the Costa del Sol, explore our properties and enjoy the most natural surroundings by the sea!   The GR Estates Team

GR Estates gives you up to 5.000€ for your furniture! | GR Estates

On the spectacular Costa del Sol, where the sun shines all year round and the Mediterranean caresses the golden beaches, GR Estates presents a unique opportunity for those who dream of owning their own corner of the southern Spanish peninsula. We are excited to present our new development that will make your dream of owning a home in paradise even more special? discover your dream home with GR Estates and get up to €5,000 worth of high quality furniture! Your New Home, Your Style! At GR Estates we understand that buying a new home is not just about buying a place to live, but about building a home that reflects your style and personality, covering all the needs of your day-to-day life and that of your family. That's why, until December 2023, we are offering our valued clients the opportunity to cover the furniture they want to complement their new home purchased from our real estate agency up to a value of €5,000. Not only do we find you the best deals and new build homes in the best location in the world, now we're helping you complete it all How does it work? It's simple. When you buy a new property with GR Estates before 31 December 2023, we'll give you a voucher of up to €5,000 which you can redeem at any furniture shop of your choice so you can move into your new home on the Costa del Sol in your own style from minute 0. The value of the voucher will depend on the value of the new home you purchase and can be up to €5,000 with no restrictions on specific furniture shops, so there are no limits and all tastes are catered for. The GR Estates Experience At GR Estates we don't just help you find the perfect home, we make sure your new life starts in comfort and style from the moment you step into your new home. With our furniture promotion cheque we can offer you high quality options to suit your preferences and needs. Why Choose GR Estates? Local Expertise: With over 25 years experience in the Costa del Sol property market, we know every nook and cranny and unique opportunity this region has to offer. Commitment to Quality: From the selection of properties to the final details, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service at every step of the process. Personalised Attention: Every client is unique, and our dedicated team of property sales experts is here to provide you with attentive, personalised service. Act Now and Bring Your Dreams to Life! This offer is for a limited time only, so don't wait any longer. Come and discover the incredible properties we have available on the Costa del Sol and take advantage of this unique opportunity to bring your new home to life with top quality furniture. Investing in our area is investing in quality of life and, if you want to have a second home, we will manage it for you so that you can get the most out of it as a holiday rental while you are away... the security and profitability of your home is assured with GR Estates! For more information or to schedule a viewing on your next dream home, contact us today! At GR Estates, we are ready to help you take the step towards the life you have always wanted and deserve, your place of relaxation and pleasure is waiting for you on the Costa del Sol with GR Estates! The GR Estates team

Tips for selling your house | GR Estates

Greetings to owners and prospective sellers! At GR Estates, we understand that putting your property up for sale is a major decision. We are here not just as an estate agency, but as your allies, guiding you step by step through this exciting journey. In this article, from pricing to presenting for sale, you will discover how to maximise the potential of your property on the beautiful Costa del Sol. Here are 10 key tips for selling your home: 1. Price it right for a good sale Before putting up the "For Sale" sign, it is essential to set a competitive price. Conduct thorough market research and consider factors such as location, unique features and current market rates on the Costa del Sol. Consult with our valuation experts to ensure your property is competitive and attractive to buyers. 2. Get the property ready...Show it off! Impress potential buyers by making sure your property is immaculate. Minor repairs, a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning can make all the difference. Also, consider making improvements that will enhance the property's appeal, such as renovating the kitchen or updating the bathroom fixtures and fittings. 3. Highlight its unique features The Costa del Sol is unique, and so is your property! Highlight special features, such as panoramic views, beach access or distinctive architectural designs. Highlight what makes your property special and how it fits into the coastal lifestyle. If you don't know your way around the real estate world and don't quite know what to highlight about your property, GR Estates can easily help you. 4. A picture is worth a thousand words Make sure the images of your property are of high quality. Professional photos can capture the essence of your home and attract more potential buyers. Our expert real estate marketing team will take care to show your property in the best possible light and angle, highlighting every nook and cranny to encourage viewings. In the real estate world, a good photograph not only captures the essence of a home, but also awakens the desire to open the door and think that it will be the place where you want to be. 5. Online Marketing GR Estates uses advanced digital marketing strategies to maximise the visibility of your property on online platforms. From social media (@grestastesfuengirola) to advertisements, posts, blogs like this one etc. We will reach buyers where they are. In addition, we will use SEO and SEM techniques to ensure that your property is easily found in online searches by its next owners. 6. Maximise the Impact of Viewings We will strategically co-ordinate viewings to maximise impact. We will present your property in a way that highlights its strengths and answers prospective buyers' questions. In addition, we'll provide you with valuable feedback from visitors so you can make adjustments if necessary. 7. Get the Best Deal Our experienced sales team will negotiate and work on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. From initial offer to closing, we'll be by your side, skilfully managing any negotiations and making sure your interests are protected. 8. Legal issues and nasty surprises! Avoid setbacks by making sure all documentation is in order. GR Estates will advise you on the legal and financial aspects, giving you peace of mind throughout the selling process. We will ensure that all documentation is complete and in order to facilitate a smooth closing process. 9. Successful Closing: Sign and Celebrate! Once an agreement has been reached, we will guide you through the closing process efficiently so that you can celebrate the successful sale of your property on the Costa del Sol. We will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure a smooth and seamless closing...your goal has been achieved! 10. Post-Sale Follow-Up: We continue to look after you Our relationship does not end with the signing. We will be available for any questions or concerns you may have after the sale. We also offer additional services, such as recommending professional movers or maintenance services. We want your experience with GR Estates to be exceptional from start to finish.   At GR Estates, we don't just sell property, we help people achieve their dreams! Contact us today to start your journey to a successful sale on the beautiful Costa del Sol.   The GR Estates Team

Investing in solar panels for my house | GR Estates

On the beautiful Costa del Sol, where the sun shines for 300 days a year, escalating energy prices, inflation and interest rate variations have led many families to consider installing self-supply systems such as solar panels on their homes. Government incentives and regulatory changes have driven the transition to more sustainable energy in this sunny region of Spain. According to Samara Energía, solar panels can save up to 70 per cent on a family's electricity bill, as well as protect against market fluctuations. In 2021, self-consumption installations reached 1,203 megawatts of new capacity, an impressive 101.8% increase compared to 2020, according to the Spanish Photovoltaic Union. More than one million households on the Costa del Sol are expected to adopt solar energy systems in the next three years. However, many people still have unanswered questions before taking the plunge into this beneficial investment and GR Estates will answer some of them below. How many solar panels do you need on the Costa del Sol?   One of the first questions to answer is how many solar panels will be needed for your home on the Costa del Sol. This requires a precise knowledge of your family's energy consumption profile. It is important to consider your annual electricity consumption, which will allow you to calculate the amount of energy the installation must generate to meet your needs. In this region, the average consumption for a single-family home is 6,000 kWh per year, but a more accurate way to determine this is to review your electricity bill. In addition, you should consider how your consumption is distributed during the day and throughout the year, taking into account the particularities of the climate. The more closely the power generation of your installation matches your consumption profile in this sunny region, the higher the self-consumption will be. Generally, electricity consumption tends to be higher during the day than at night. Peak solar power generation on the Costa del Sol tends to occur at midday, so if there is a large disparity between your daytime and nighttime consumption, you should consider including energy storage systems in your installation to maintain a high level of self-consumption. A Smart Investment for my home Investing in solar energy in southern Spain is a smart choice. On average, a single family home in this region will invest between 5,000 and 8,000 euros in a new solar panel installation. Despite the initial investment, the savings on electricity bills are immediate in this sunny region of Spain. It usually takes between four and seven years to recoup the investment, an attractive figure considering that the lifespan of solar panels is almost four times longer. However, to optimise solar power generation on the Costa del Sol, you need to consider the geographical location of your home, which can influence the generating capacity of the panels, and the type of solar panel you choose, as each has a different efficiency. In addition, the orientation and inclination of the roof and panels will also affect the way solar radiation hits the panel. On the Costa del Sol, where the sun is an abundant and valuable resource, make the most of solar energy in your home. Make informed and cost-effective decisions in this sunny region of Spain.   The GR Estates Team Inspo idealista

How to get to the Costa del Sol? | GR Estates

If you're planning a sunny getaway filled with golden beaches, panoramic views and vibrant culture, Spain's Costa del Sol is the perfect destination for you. With its Mediterranean climate, historic charm and wide range of activities, it's a place that attracts travellers from all over the world. In this article, we'll provide you with valuable tips on how to get to the Costa del Sol and make the most of your experience in this coastal paradise from GR Estates. Málaga Airport (AGP)
The Costa del Sol has one of the most important international airports in Spain, which will allow you to conveniently access this beautiful region. This is Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), with a wide variety of domestic and international flights, making it very easy to plan your trip. Malaga airport has three terminals, so it would be advisable to know the correct terminal for your flight beforehand, as they can be quite far apart. You can check this information on your ticket or with the airline. If you arrive with plenty of time to spare, you can enjoy a variety of duty free shops, cafes and even restaurants as exclusive as that of celebrity chef Dani Garcia or British chef Jaime Oliver. Explore the options to do some shopping or enjoy these wonderful restaurants before your flight. Málaga airport is well connected to the city centre and other nearby areas. You can opt for taxis, buses or even shared transport services, so we advise you to research the options in advance to find the most convenient for your trip. Transport from the airport
Once you land on the Costa del Sol, you will have several transport options to get you to your final destination and back to the airport at the end of your holiday. Renting a car is a popular and convenient option, as it gives you the flexibility to explore the surrounding area at your own pace. In addition, there are efficient public transport services that allow you to travel between coastal towns and enjoy the scenery along the way. Let's take a look at all the transport options from Malaga airport: Bus: The airport is connected to the city's bus network. The A Express line connects the airport directly to the centre of Malaga in approximately 15-20 minutes. There are also other bus lines that connect the airport with different areas of the city and nearby towns that you can find there. Train: The airport has a train station in terminal T3. The Cercanías C1 train connects the airport with the centre of Malaga, as well as with other stations and destinations on the Costa del Sol. The journey to Malaga city centre takes about 12-15 minutes. Taxi: You can find taxi ranks in the airport terminals. Taxis are a convenient option, but they are also usually more expensive than public transport. Shared and private transport services: There are shared and private transport services available at the airport, which can be booked in advance via apps or transport companies. This can be convenient if you are travelling with a group or if you prefer a more personalised option. Car rental: If you prefer to have your own means of transport, there are several car rental companies available at the airport. You can book in advance or book directly at the airport. Scenic routes from the road
If you are an adventure lover and want to enjoy a scenic drive, consider taking some scenic routes that will take you through breathtaking natural landscapes. The Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7) is a coastal road that will allow you to travel through various towns and villages while enjoying panoramic views of the sea and mountains. Undoubtedly, the best way for those who prefer to use their own vehicles to spend their holidays in Malaga. In addition, the province has different motorways to make the journey faster. Some of these routes are: From the north (Madrid). Motorway: A-4 to Cordoba, then A-45 to Malaga. Another option would be the A-92 motorway to Antequera and then the A-45 to Malaga. From the east (Granada). Motorway: A-92 to Antequera, then A-45 towards Malaga. From the west (Seville). Motorway: A-92 to Antequera, then A-45 towards Malaga. From the Costa del Sol (Marbella, Estepona). Motorway: A-7 (also known as Autovía del Mediterráneo) which runs along the Costa del Sol to Malaga. From the airport. Motorway: A-7 and MA-21 are the main roads connecting the airport with Malaga and other areas of the Costa del Sol. Plan your stops
Before arriving on the Costa del Sol, do your research and plan the stops you want to make along the way. This region is full of hidden gems, from charming white villages in the mountains, such as Ronda, Mijas or Frigiliana, to cosmopolitan towns along the coast. Marbella, Fuengirola and Nerja are just some of the towns that should be on your must-see list on your trip to Malaga. Use your mobile phone
Before and during your trip, take advantage of online resources for up-to-date information on routes, transport schedules, accommodation options and local attractions. The GR Estates website, the local real estate agency, can be an excellent source of information to help you plan your trip and, if you want to make sure you don't miss out on any Costa del Sol experiences, follow us on our social media channels and make a note of all the events we share... there's something for everyone! Arriving on the Costa del Sol is the first exciting step to an unforgettable experience in this sun-drenched region. With a variety of transport options, stunning scenic routes and exciting activities, your trip promises to be a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Plan ahead, explore the local wonders and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Costa del Sol to create memories that will last a lifetime...happy travelling!   The GR Estates Team

Malaga Fair 2023 | GR Estates

Welcome to the Costa del Sol! One of Spain's most enchanting destinations and, without a doubt, the epicentre of the Andalusian summer. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of the hot August than with the traditional and joyful Malaga Fair 2023. Today GR Estates brings you everything you need to know so you don't miss this Malaga event that every year attracts the whole world to its fairgrounds. Are you going to miss it? A Breath of History and Tradition The Malaga Fair is a celebration rooted in Andalusian history and culture that attracts locals and visitors alike. Every year, for one week, the city is transformed into a spectacle of colour, music, dance and gastronomic delights. This great event has its origins in a historic date: the reconquest of the city by the Catholic kings (Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon) on 18 August 1487. The Malaga fair was declared a public holiday on 15 August 1491, which was the day on which the Catholics celebrated the Assumption of Mary. Later, in 1887, 18 August, the anniversary of the Reconquest, was designated as the main day of the Fair. Dates and Programme This year, the Malaga Fair will take place from the 12th to the 19th of August 2023. On the first day, known as the "Noche de Víspera", the city lights up with an impressive fireworks display to mark the start of the celebration. From then on, the fun doesn't stop, and the streets are filled with activities for all ages. A great peculiarity of the Malaga fair is that it takes place in two different locations: Day fair. It is in the city centre, starting from the famous Calle Larios, and this is where most of the events are concentrated, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of joy, polka dots and lots of music from morning to evening. Fair at night. At around 18:00 every day during the week of the fair, visitors to this fair pass from the city centre to the Real del Cortijo Torres, the Recinto Ferial, where they can continue to enjoy the atmosphere, dance, eat, drink and take the little ones on the rides on the fairgrounds. Here you will find a vast expanse of stalls and attractions, where the hustle and bustle of the crowds combines with the jubilation of music and flamenco singing. You can enjoy carriage rides, live music and an endless variety of tapas and refreshing drinks. Many visitors are torn between enjoying the fair by day and the fair by night. The truth is that you can choose to visit one or both, as both locations form the heart of the Feria de Málaga. Which of the two will you visit? We leave you the official programme of the Malaga Fair 2023 so you don't miss anything. Andalusian Gastronomy and Traditions The Malaga Fair is an opportunity to sample authentic Andalusian food. Don't miss the delicious grilled sardines, the famous espetos de Málaga, the traditional tapas such as salmorejo and pescaíto frito, and, of course, the local sweet wine: Málaga Virgen. In addition, you can immerse yourself in the rich flamenco tradition, as numerous flamenco shows and peñas (flamenco clubs) are organised during the fair to offer their best and most characteristic local services to visitors to the event. Activities for the whole family The Malaga Fair is also a family event par excellence. During the day, you will find activities designed especially for children, such as rides and children's shows. Fun is guaranteed for all ages. When you go for an afternoon stroll around the fairgrounds you can enjoy a variety of rides with the little ones and have a bite to eat at the street food stalls offering the famous chocolate fritters, cotton candy, caramel apples or the first chestnuts of the season. A great plan for the whole family! Relax on the Costa del Sol After enjoying the excitement of your Malaga fair days, take the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Costa del Sol. Its beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and charming white villages will keep you coming back at any time of the year. If you are planning to attend the Malaga Fair 2023 and need accommodation, GR Estates offers you a selection of exclusive properties on the Costa del Sol. From spacious villas with sea views to modern flats in the heart of Malaga, you will find the perfect place to relax after a day at the fair, find out our holiday rental options and make the most of your holiday during the Malaga fair!   The Malaga Fair 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience on the Costa del Sol, full of traditions, flavours, colours and music. From GR Estates, we invite you to immerse yourself in this unique festivity and enjoy all that this beautiful corner of Spain has to offer. See you at the Malaga Fair 2023!   The GR Estates team  

Rent or buy? | GR Estates

The Costa del Sol, with its exceptional climate and beautiful beaches, has long been a sought-after destination for both investors and those looking for a change of lifestyle. When considering the option of settling in this unique region of Spain, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate whether renting or buying a property is the best strategy. As experts in the Spanish property market, we at GR Estates have observed and advised numerous clients on this crucial decision. Below, we will analyse in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives. Renting on the Costa del Sol ADVANTAGES Strategic Flexibility. For those who wish to explore different locations or try out different types of homes, renting offers valuable flexibility. You can adapt your choice of housing to your changing needs without the financial commitment of ownership. Reduced upfront costs. Renting requires significantly less initial investment compared to buying a property. Maintenance and repair costs generally fall on the landlord, easing the financial burden. Wide Variety of Options. The diversity of properties available for rent on the Costa del Sol is remarkable. From luxurious seaside flats to charming country homes, you will find a wide range of options to suit your lifestyle and budget. DISADVANTAGES Lack of Capital Accumulation. By renting, you are not building long-term equity, which may be less attractive from a long-term investment perspective. Possible Rent Increases. Rents may increase over time due to inflation or market conditions, which could result in higher long-term costs. Limitations of Control. Rental property often imposes restrictions on decorating and renovations, limiting your ability to customise. Buying on the Costa del Sol ADVANTAGES Long Term Investment. Buying property on the Costa del Sol is a sound long-term investment. The value of the property tends to appreciate over time, allowing you to accumulate wealth. Stability and Personalisation. Property gives you stability and the ability to personalise your home according to your tastes and needs, creating a truly welcoming environment. Income Potential. If you don't plan to reside in your property year-round, you can rent it out to generate additional income, which will help amortise the costs of ownership. DISADVANTAGES Long-term financial commitment. Buying a property involves a significant financial commitment, including paying taxes, fees and maintenance. Less Geographic Flexibility. Changing location or property type can be more complicated when you are a landlord. This may limit your ability to adapt to changes in your lifestyle. Maintenance Costs. As a landlord, you are responsible for the costs of maintaining and repairing the property. In conclusion, the choice between renting and buying on the Costa del Sol will depend on your financial and personal objectives. As experts in Spanish real estate, at GR Estates, we are committed to helping you make the right decision for your unique situation. Don't hesitate to contact us for expert advice and to explore the properties available in this fascinating coastal region. Your Costa del Sol dream is within reach, and we are here to make it a reality!   The GR Estates Team

The keys to buying a home in Spain | GR Estates

Welcome to the exciting world of buying property in Spain! As an expert in the real estate sector, we at GR Estates are pleased to guide you through this article on our blog where we will unravel all the details of the exciting process of purchasing a property in this beautiful country. In Spain, with its sunny climate, breathtaking scenery and rich culture, the dream of owning your own home becomes even more appealing. However, we understand that the buying process can be overwhelming for many, especially if you are unfamiliar with local laws and procedures and, as in many cases, it is your first home. That's why we've put together this comprehensive and accessible guide that will take you step-by-step through the entire process, providing you with the information and advice you need to feel confident. Whether you are considering buying a holiday home, an investment or making Spain your permanent home, we will provide you with the tools you need to make your dream come true.   1. Necessary documentation As a buyer, you will need to have certain documents in order to purchase a property in Spain. These include the NIE (Foreigner's Identification Number) if you are a foreigner, the passport or DNI (National Identity Document) if you are a Spanish citizen, and the tax identification number (NIF). Proof of financial solvency will also be required, such as bank statements or income certificates. 2. Property search and selection At this stage, it is important to research the property market and look for the property that suits your needs and budget. You can use real estate agencies, online portals or buyer's agent services to find suitable options. Once you have selected the property, it is advisable to carry out a thorough inspection and, if necessary, hire a surveyor or architect to verify the condition of the property.   4. Obtaining financing (if necessary) If you require financing for the purchase of the house, you will need to contact banks to apply for a mortgage. The bank will assess your creditworthiness and the viability of the loan. Once the mortgage is approved, a mortgage loan contract will be signed which will set out the terms and conditions of the financing. 5. Title Deed The title deed is the official document that certifies the transfer of ownership. It must be signed before a notary public and registered in the Land Registry. At this point, you will have to pay the remaining price of the property, as well as the corresponding taxes, such as Transfer Tax (ITP) or Value Added Tax (VAT) in the case of new homes. 6. Settlement of taxes and additional costs In addition to the taxes mentioned above, you will have to take into account other expenses associated with the purchase of the property, such as notary fees and registration fees. It is also important to take into account the costs of the community of owners, property tax (IBI) and other expenses related to the maintenance of the property. 7. Change of ownership and possession Once the transaction has been completed, the change of ownership will be made at the Land Registry and you will be given possession of the property. Remember that this is a general summary of the steps and documents involved in buying a property in Spain. It is important to have the advice of professionals, such as lawyers and agents specialised in real estate law, to ensure that all the processes and procedures are carried out correctly. Ready to become a homeowner in the wonderful Iberian country?   GR Estates Team

Mortgage rates in Spain | GR Estates

  Mortgages play a pivotal role in the world of real estate, enabling many people to realise the dream of home ownership. However, with the wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to understand the different types of mortgages and their unique characteristics. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the most common types of mortgages available today, helping you to understand what each one consists of.   Fixed Rate Mortgage The fixed rate mortgage is a popular and widely used option. With this type of mortgage, the interest rate remains constant throughout the term of the loan, providing stability and predictability in monthly payments. It is an ideal option if you want to maintain a steady budget and don't want to worry about fluctuations in interest rates. Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) Unlike the fixed-rate mortgage, adjustable-rate mortgages have an interest rate that can vary over time. Generally, these mortgages offer a lower initial rate for a specified period of time, known as an "initial fixed rate," which is then adjusted periodically based on market conditions. ARMs can be beneficial if you plan to sell the property before the end of the initial fixed-rate period or if you anticipate a decline in long-term interest rates. Variable-rate mortgage Adjustable-rate mortgages are similar to ARMs in terms that the interest rate can change over time. However, unlike ARMs, variable-rate mortgages do not have an initial fixed-rate period. Instead, the interest rate adjusts at regular intervals based on market conditions. These mortgages are suitable if you are willing to assume a degree of uncertainty and if you are confident that interest rates will decline in the future. Blended interest rate mortgage The mixed-rate mortgage combines elements of fixed-rate mortgages and ARMs. It is usually structured as a long-term loan, where the initial period has a fixed interest rate and then changes to an adjustable rate. This option may be attractive if you want to take advantage of a low interest rate for the first few years and are willing to assume some degree of variability later on.     Choosing the right type of mortgage is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your long-term finances. Each type of mortgage has its own unique advantages and considerations. When making a decision, it is essential to assess your financial situation, long-term goals and risk tolerance. Remember that it is always advisable to seek advice from mortgage experts and compare the available options before making a final decision. We hope this guide from GR Estates has given you a basic understanding of the types of mortgages currently available and has helped you on your way to buying a property.   The GR Estates team

My first home: how much savings do I need? | GR Estates

  Buying your first home on the beautiful Costa del Sol is an exciting step for young people, but it also involves careful financial planning and understanding of the processes involved. In this article, GR Estates will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the minimum savings required and the different processes you need to consider in order to realise the dream of owning your own home in this enchanting region, so get ready to take charge of your property future on the Costa del Sol! Budget and goals Determine your budget and set savings goals: If you are a young couple, for example, it is essential to evaluate your finances and set realistic savings goals. Analyse your combined income and monthly expenses to determine how much you can save each month. From there, set a long-term savings goal that will allow you to accumulate the minimum amount needed to purchase a home. Minimum savings needed for my first home The minimum savings needed for the above example of a young couple can vary depending on the price of homes on the Costa del Sol and your specific goals. As a starting point, it is advisable to have at least 10% to 20% of the purchase price as a down payment. For example, if you are considering a property of 200,000 euros, your minimum savings should be 20,000 to 40,000 euros. To reach your minimum savings target, consider implementing strategies to increase your savings. This may include reducing unnecessary expenses, setting a strict budget, finding additional sources of income, or allocating a portion of your bonuses or salary increases directly to saving for housing. Research and property search While you are saving, take the time to research and familiarise yourself with the property market. Explore different areas, housing types and prices to get a clear idea of your preferences and options. Work with a real estate agency that specialises in housing for young people to get expert guidance and access properties that fit your budget. Legal process and paperwork Once you have reached your minimum savings target and found your desired property, it is essential to have the support of a lawyer specialised in real estate law. The lawyer will review the contracts, verify the legality of the property and ensure that all the paperwork is in order. Make sure you fully understand the documents before signing them and make the required payments as agreed. Financing and mortgage loans While minimum savings are essential, you may also need additional financing through mortgage loans. Check with different financial institutions for information on available options and loan conditions. Keep in mind that the more you save upfront, the better the terms and interest rates you will be able to obtain.   Purchasing your first home on the Costa del Sol requires careful financial planning and a minimum savings target. Set realistic goals, implement savings strategies and seek the right advice to ensure you are prepared to face the buying process successfully. Don't be discouraged and work towards your goal of owning your own home in this beautiful region!   GR Estates Team

I have sold or bought my house in Spain: What you need to know about the Spanish tax authorities | GR Estates

  When buying or selling a property in Spain, it is important to be aware of the tax implications involved. The Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria, commonly known as Hacienda, plays a key role in these processes. In this article, we will explore what happens with the Hacienda when a property transaction takes place in Spain, both from the point of view of the seller and the buyer. Understanding these tax issues is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises and to comply with the corresponding tax obligations. I am selling my house When you sell a property in Spain, you must take into account the obligation to pay the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IIVTNU), also known as "plusvalía municipal". This tax is calculated according to the increase in the value of the land from acquisition to sale. The liquidation and payment of this tax corresponds to the seller, who must present the self-assessment to the corresponding town hall within the established deadlines. On the other hand, the seller must also consider the Capital Gains Tax (IRPF) in the event of making a profit on the sale of the property. This tax is levied on the difference between the acquisition value and the sale value, and a progressive rate is applied depending on the period of ownership. It is essential to declare this gain in the income tax return for the tax year in which the sale took place.     I am going to buy a house The buyer will have to pay the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (ITP and AJD), which varies depending on the Autonomous Community. The ITP is applied to the purchase value of the property, while the AJD is levied on the notarial documents necessary to formalise the transaction, such as the deed of sale. It is important to bear in mind that, on some occasions, Value Added Tax (VAT) may be applied instead of ITP, as in the case of new or first transfer properties. In addition to these direct taxes, both the seller and the buyer must pay attention to other tax obligations related to the sale or purchase of a property. For example, it is necessary to pay the Property Tax (IBI) to the corresponding local council. It is also advisable to request the Energy Efficiency Certificate, which is compulsory for the sale or rental of properties, and which must be presented to the notary at the time of the deed.     In summary, the purchase or sale of a property in Spain entails a series of tax implications that must be considered by both the seller and the buyer. From the payment of the municipal capital gains tax and personal income tax by the seller, to the transfer tax and stamp duty or VAT by the buyer, these taxes and tax obligations form part of the real estate process. At GR Estates we advise you to seek the advice of a specialised professional, such as a tax advisor or lawyer, to ensure compliance with tax obligations and avoid possible future problems with the Treasury.     The GR Estates team

Home improvements that increase your property value | GR Estates

  When it comes to selling a property, every homeowner wants to get the maximum value possible. For GR Estates, one effective way to achieve this is to make home improvements that increase resale value. Not only can these improvements make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but they can also make a difference in terms of valuation. Here are some ideas of popular improvement projects that can have a positive impact on the value of your property.   Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Kitchen and bathroom renovation is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of a property. Modern kitchens and updated bathrooms are highly sought after features by buyers. You can consider several options: Replace old appliances Installing quality countertops Updating cabinets Replace bathroom faucets and fixtures. Ensure colours and finishes are neutral and attractive   Installing Renewable Energy Systems With increased awareness of sustainability and energy savings, installing renewable energy systems, such as solar panels or wind energy systems, can add significant value to your property. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that allows them to save on long-term energy costs and reduce their environmental impact. Incorporating Smart Home Technology Smart home technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. Incorporating home automation systems, such as programmable thermostats, smart security systems or voice-controlled lighting, can increase the appeal of your property. Buyers are looking for homes that offer them comfort and efficiency, and smart technology can provide exactly that. Other Improvements In addition to the improvements mentioned above, there are other options that can also have a positive impact on the value of your property. You can consider adding an extra bedroom, remodeling the basement to create additional living space, improving energy efficiency by installing double-glazed windows, or renovating the facade to improve the exterior appeal of your home.     Making home improvements that increase the value of your property can be a smart investment. From renovating kitchens and bathrooms to installing renewable energy systems and incorporating smart home technology, there are a variety of projects that can help you stand out and gain a higher resale value. Before starting any project, it's important to assess your needs, budget and the local property market - don't underestimate the power of home improvements to get the most value from your property!   The GR Estates Team

Holidays in Fuengirola, what you can't miss | GR Estates

At GR Estates we are delighted to welcome you to our special corner of the Costa del Sol: Fuengirola. Known for its well-kept beaches, vibrant nightlife and rich culture, Fuengirola is the perfect destination for your next holiday. In this exclusive guide, we'll help you explore all the wonders this charming coastal town in Malaga has to offer, while bringing you the comfort of our best holiday rentals. Fuengirola has a lot to offer visitors all year round. If you are planning to spend your holiday here, GR Estates shows you where to stay, where to eat and what to do to make the most of your time - activities for all types of travellers! From couples, to whole families, to solo travellers, let's start the guide! WHERE TO STAY Beachfront Apartments For a breathtaking beachfront experience, consider staying in one of the many flats available on Fuengirola's seafront promenade. Waking up to the sound of the waves and enjoying panoramic views of the Mediterranean is an experience you will never forget. At GR Estates we are proud to offer an exceptional selection of flats and villas for rent in Fuengirola. Whether you desire a panoramic sea view, a private pool or direct access to the beach, we have the perfect property for you. Explore our accommodation options and find your home away from home here. Hotels Fuengirola also has a selection of charming hotels, perfect for those looking for a more intimate and stylish stay. These hotels are often located in the centre of town, giving you easy access to restaurants and shops. It is a matter of taste as to what amenities you are looking for and the budget for accommodation, but the range of hotels in Fuengirola is quite high so it will be fairly easy and quick to find one to suit your taste. ENJOYING THE LOCAL GASTRONOMY Fuengirola is known for its rich gastronomic offer. Savour delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes in the numerous restaurants that you will find all over its magnificent corners and, above all, in its beach bars by the sea. Don't miss the famous espetos de sardinas, a local speciality cooked to perfection on the traditional beach barbecues. And if you're planning a family trip, you can hire the "barcas" on the beaches of Sohail Castle to enjoy a tasty barbecue on the beach with your family and friends. For a more sophisticated dining experience, head to one of the seafood restaurants in the town centre. You won't be disappointed in Fuengirola so take note of our recommendations below for some of the best local high-end restaurants: Arte y Cocina Restaurant - Tops the TripAdvisor ranking thanks to its creative Mediterranean cuisine and fresh produce. It offers a modern ambience and friendly service. Palangreros Restaurant - A must for dining in Fuengirola, with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and high quality dishes. Panda Cocktail Bar, on the same street, is ideal for enjoying a drink with friends or a partner later in the evening. La Marmita - If you are looking for the best tapas in Fuengirola, you can't miss this place. It fuses British and Spanish customs with 'twisted tapas', both savoury and dessert. Blackberry Cafe - A modern and charming space with a tropical feel and a cosy atmosphere where you'll find a café, a casual restaurant and some dizzying cocktails where you'll be in your element at any time of the day and just a few steps from the beach and Sohail Castle...a must in Fuengirola! WHAT TO DO DURING YOUR HOLIDAYS IN FUENGIROLA Visit the beaches Relax on the beautiful beaches of Fuengirola. You will find more than eight kilometres of coastline to choose from or even change from one place to another; from the popular Los Boliches beach to the quiet Carvajal beach, there are options for all tastes. Enjoy the sun, take a refreshing dip in the sea and relax on one of the sun loungers available at the beach bars with the aroma of grilled fish...what a pleasure!   Stroll through the Old Town of Fuengirola Explore the charm of the old town of this former seaside town with all its charms. The historic centre of Fuengirola is a labyrinth of narrow streets and picturesque squares to wander through and visit the whole town. Soak up the Mediterranean atmosphere as you stroll through the charming cobbled streets, discover local shops and enjoy a wide variety of traditional and culturally diverse bars and restaurants. Visit the famous Sohail Castle Fuengirola's Sohail Castle is a must-see destination. With its impressive hilltop location, it offers unparalleled panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the town. This ancient castle, built in the 10th century, boasts a rich history and has become an iconic landmark of the region. Exploring its ancient walls and enjoying cultural events and open-air concerts are just some of the reasons why you should visit Sohail Castle. Delve into the past as you enjoy the spectacular views and immerse yourself in the historical magic of this imposing castle. Plus, if you go with the family, you can enjoy the gardens for relaxing, taking photos or even picnics at sunset. Come to the wonderful concerts at MareNostrum If you love live music and the Mediterranean climate, you can't miss the opportunity to attend concerts at the impressive MareNostrum venue in Fuengirola. With its location by the sea and surrounded by beautiful gardens, this venue offers you a unique experience. Enjoying your favourite artists in an open-air setting, under the starry sky and with the sound of the waves in the background, creates a magical and unforgettable atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of concerts in Fuengirola and experience musical moments that will live on in your memory. Visit Bioparc Fuengirola This renowned zoo is a must-see destination, especially if you are travelling with your family. You can admire an incredible variety of animal species in an environment that faithfully recreates their natural habitats. From gorillas to tigers and exotic reptiles, Bioparc Fuengirola will transport you to different parts of the world. It's certainly a great plan to add to your holidays on the Costa del Sol. AquaMijas for the little ones Have fun at the AquaMijas water park. To cool off and enjoy the thrilling slides and pools you have at your disposal also a water park full of fun for the whole family. Slide down the fast slides, relax in the pool areas and enjoy a day full of water thrills with your friends and family. You can eat on site or bring your own food from home and enjoy it in the rest areas. Nightlife If you are looking for nightlife, Calle del Infierno is one of the places to look for it in Fuengirola. This street is lined with bars, discos and pubs offering live music and a lively atmosphere until the early hours of the morning. Be sure to explore all that this town has to offer after sunset, we'll leave you with a brief guide: Stroll along the Promenade. Start your evening with a relaxing stroll along Fuengirola's Paseo Marítimo and enjoy beautiful sea views and find bars and restaurants with terraces where you can have a drink or dinner facing the sea. Bars and Tapas. Fuengirola is famous for its tapas bars. You can go on a tapas tour in the town centre, such as in the Plaza de la Constitución or Plaza de los Chinorros, where you will find a wide variety of options to sample authentic Spanish cuisine. Of course, bars like Blackberry Cafe or Bar Elements are great options for dinner and awesome cocktails. Live Music. If you like live music, head to venues such as Sala Boa or Sala The Hall where there are often live performances ranging from flamenco to rock. Nightclubs. Nightlife in this city comes alive in its nightclubs. Some of the most popular include Sala Pihama, La Bamba or Moma Social Club. Flamenco and Shows. If you want to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, look for places that offer flamenco shows or live music with guitarists and dancers, such as Tipi Tapa. Events and Festivals. Find out about local events and festivals that may be taking place during your visit, as Fuengirola often hosts concerts, fairs and cultural festivals that can add an extra dose of fun to your evening depending on the time of year you visit. Casino. If you enjoy gambling, the Casino Sohail is an option to try your luck at a variety of table games and slot machines.   WE HELP YOU CHOOSE THE BEST  Fuengirola is a destination that has it all: beaches, exciting activities, a rich history and a vibrant gastronomic scene. Whether you're on holiday with your family, as a couple or with friends, this town will captivate you with its charm and beauty. So get ready for an unforgettable holiday, we guarantee you'll want to come back again and again! This city awaits you with open arms. Whether you're looking for relaxation, adventure or just good food, you'll get your long-awaited holiday here. If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! GR Estates welcomes you to Fuengirola. GR Estates Team

Living in the Costa del Sol

Experience the Best of Spain with Living on the Costa del Sol Discover what it's like to live on the beautiful Costa del Sol. Learn about the lifestyle, culture, and opportunities available in this sunny region of Spain.

Advantages of New Homes Off Plan

Are you looking to invest in a good property that gives you guarantees at an unbeatable price? Many people think that buying already built properties is the best option to avoid surprises later on. But the truth is that resale properties have the disadvantage that they do not guarantee exactly what may happen to your home in 5 years, as being second hand may need renovations that are not visible to the naked eye, they do not guarantee the quality of the materials and it also depends a lot on the year of construction of the building. Many buyers look for flats that have already been built to have a better idea of what their future home will be like and many prefer to pay more just for this simple fact. But the truth is that the new purchase options make you acquire a much more economical investment if we look at it in the long term. Getting better performance, guarantees and materials. Thus being able to recover the investment and double the benefits by getting a much more modern property for a very competitive price and with many more features. These are some of the advantages of why it is better to buy a property off plan: -Price savings:
By buying a property off plan you can save up to 10% and 20% more than when it is already built, thus giving it value when you already have your property revaluing the prices once it is already built. So it is always better to have a good eye when choosing an off-plan property and see it as an investment that even if you don't make a profit in the short term has many more advantages in the long run. -Payment flexibility:
Normally, off-plan properties tend to take on average about 20 months to build and you only have to pay a reserve of 20-30% and the rest on delivery of the property, so it gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to saiving up. -House choice:
The off-plan purchase allows us to choose the flat we like the most, both the floor plan, the orientation and the possibility of having a parking space and storage room. In any case, this possibility will also be conditioned by the number of properties available at that moment and will depend on each development. It has the advantage that if you are attracted to a development, you will have more options to choose from always getting something more adapted to your needs without having to search among what is already built, thus having a wider range of options. -Possibility of personalising and adapting it to your taste:
The buyer will have facilities to make a series of modifications and adapt it to his taste. In some cases, it is possible to choose certain elements of the house, such as the type of flooring, materials, finishes, distribution of spaces or the type of kitchen. None of this happens when the purchase is conventional, where changes can be made, but the costs will always be borne by the buyer once they have the property. So it is much more versatile to suit you and your needs. So you can have more control over what you need. -A range of warranties:
There are three types of guarantees when you buy a property off plan. During the first year, faults in the finishes are covered, over three years, that protection is extended against damage caused by defects in the construction elements. The guarantee extends up to a decade against any type of problem affecting the floor slabs, beams, foundations, load-bearing walls and any structural element. Giving you the peace of mind that your home is brand new with all the guarantees that can be given on a property. The important thing to know when choosing a property is to know your needs to know what features you may need and to look for what best suits your ideal home within your budget. Many investors already have a good eye for choosing off-plan properties and know which homes are a good investment. If you have any doubts about what is best for you or what development might interest you, we can advise you so that you can find exactly what you are looking for without wasting time and being sure of what you are buying so that you don't get any unexpected surprises.  

How to Buy a House in Spain if you are a Foreigner

Would you like to have a house in Spain but you live abroad? If you are thinking about moving and coming to the south, I recommend that you read to the end to find out everything you need to know before living here. This process may seem longer and more complicated than it should be, so this article can be of great help to you. Before you start you must decide the area where you would like to live not only in which city but also which part of the city best suits your lifestyle, because it is not the same to look for a central place close to everything than a quiet place away from the center. So you will have to be clear about the area that best suits your needs, for this we advise you to ask local people or ask for advice to instruct you on the area in the local real estate that gives you more confidence. This process depends on you and how clear you are about your ideas, so the estimated time is the one you consider necessary. Once you have chosen the area and the house you were looking for, the process of buying the property will begin, which can take between 2 to 3 months until you receive the keys to your home, but if you have the money there will not be so many obstacles in the process, but if you need a mortgage this can delay the sale process for another week. It is important that you take as much time as you deem necessary to make sure you choose the right steps in the process and do it in advance in case there are any inconveniences during the process.   What are the steps to follow to get a property in Spain? Get NIE
The first and most important step to be able to buy your new home in Spain, since it will serve to identify you in the purchase and sale of the property and to be able to pay the corresponding taxes.
This process can be done from abroad (at the Spanish embassy in your country of origin by presenting the model EX15) or from a police station in Spain.
There are 2 types of NIE for these cases:
- Non-resident NIE: If you are going to buy the property but you are not going to live in Spain, cited as a non-EU citizen. - Resident NIE: if you are going to stay more than 183 days a year regardless of whether you are an EU citizen or not. It is advisable to get advice on obtaining a NIE to investigate your case and see which one best suits your needs, as many of the procedures can be somewhat tedious and various obstacles can arise that can be resolved quickly by an expert. Have a bank account
This step is not mandatory but it is advisable to expedite the sale process.
 Once you obtain the NIE we recommend you to create a bank account to cover all the expenses that may be involved in buying a new property, such as notary fees or associated costs.
Having the money abroad can create delays and some extra hurdles.
Negotiate the price with the seller
Before negotiating with the seller, you must be very clear about the REAL market price in order to have proof that the property is worth the price you have investigated. If you only have an ideal of the price in your personal opinion, it will not serve as proof to convince the seller. Anyway we advise that if you have difficulties to negotiate consult with real estate agents who are the experts and can help you to get the price you want. Reservation contract
If you already have a clear idea of the price, the house, the area...congratulations, you already have one of the most important parts of this process.
Now all that remains is to make your decisions and tie up the loose ends. If you have enlisted the help of real estate agents or the property is managed by a real estate agency, a reservation contract must be drawn up to fix the sale price and confirm that it will be taken off the market. To do this you must leave a reserve of 6.000€ to prove that you are really interested in buying the property. This is not necessary if it is a direct purchase between individuals.
Deposit agreement
This contract is the most important, as it really shows a real interest in buying the property at the agreed price. For this you will have to pay a part and thus confirm that you are really interested. Two things to keep in mind:
- The earnest money is usually 10% of the agreed price from which the 6.000€ of the reservation you made will be deducted (If you finally do not decide to buy it for reasons other than those agreed you will lose the 6.000€ of the initial reservation). -The duration of the contract, we recommend you to establish a term of 90 days if you are looking for a mortgage, this will give you time to choose which mortgage to contract. Keep in mind that if you finally do not decide to buy the property, you have signed and paid the earnest money contract and you will lose the reservation money. And if the seller changes his mind and finally does not want to sell you the house, he will have to pay the amount you gave for the reservation.
Necessary documents
The next step is to gather all the necessary documents to prepare for the day of the signing before the notary, so that no last minute unforeseen events arise. - Nota Simple: It is the document that specifies the characteristics of the property, who were the owners, if it has debts, seizures or mortgages. Although this document shows most of the properties of the house, it is important to make sure if it has any extra trava to avoid unexpected surprises. -The public deed is a certificate of proof that the property is owned by the owner and not by someone else. And it is the one that you will sign before a notary. - It is also advisable to investigate if you have any other debts in the last 3 years because once it is in your name you will be the one to take care of those debts.
It is important to hand in all the documentation before the notary so that he can check that all the documentation is in order and that there are no missing documents and so that you do not lose time before the notary.
Go to the notary to sign the deed
One of the last and most important parts of this agreement. In this part the notary will explain all the conditions of the contract that you are going to sign so that you know what you will sign. All parties involved in this process, both on the seller's side and on the buyer's side, such as lawyers, real estate agents, etc., will be present at the signing of the contract. Once the deed has been signed and all the important points of the contract have been discussed, the keys to your new property are handed over to you.
Register your property
Congratulations, because at this point it is officially your property and as such you must register it in the land registry to prove that you are the new owner of the property, for this you will have to pay the transfer tax and the stamp tax. In theory this property registry notifies public services of the change of ownership, but as it is a process that takes a long time we recommend that you do it yourself, as it can take up to a year to make this change of ownership in electricity, water, gas, etc...   Taxes when buying a home - ITP (transfer tax)
- I.V.A this tax is higher in new properties since it is 10% but if this is going to be your main residence and the property is less than 32 years old this tax is reduced to 5%.
- Property registry costs equal to 1.5%. - Notary fees Advantages of buying a home in Spain if you are a foreigner
If you invest in real estate worth 500.000€ you can obtain residency for 2 years and this residency can be renewed, allowing you to live and work legally in Spain.

The best thing about this permit is that you can come without having to stay for a long period of time, just coming to Spain once a year is enough.
Remember that all this procedure can be done with the help of experts to avoid obstacles in the process and get what you want without surprises. If you live abroad most of the steps can be done without having to travel to Spain, through a good real estate agent or lawyer you trust.  

Properties in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is the ideal place to live or invest in a property, as it is located in a perfect climate with almost 300 days of sunshine a year to enjoy the good weather. In the summer months Fuengirola becomes a tourist town with a wide variety of leisure options whether you like the sea or nature. It is the ideal place to live all year round, as you can enjoy one of the best climates in Spain.  Why invest in a property in Fuengirola?
As well as being one of the favorite destinations in Spain, this allows you to recover part of the investment and enjoy the good climate of the south, as you can benefit from tourism in summer and recover part of the investment you have made in the property. In fact, more and more foreigners decide to come to live in Fuengirola fleeing the climate of Europe. If you are thinking of investing in property, it is better to do it in a place where you know that you will be able to get profitability in a passive and effortless way. It is also a safe investment because the housing market is always in continuous demand and growth. These are some of the reasons to invest in a property on the Costa del Sol: Second home
Many families and retirees decide to have their 2nd residence in Fuengirola to be able to disconnect from the cold and the crowded city especially in the winter months where the weather in other cities and countries is usually more adverse. They are usually people who live in very cold climates in winter, as here they can enjoy a warm climate even in winter. This place is perfect for people who love the sea and can not enjoy it in their usual homes, as Fuengirola has 8km of beaches that are integrated into the city. It is also ideal to always have a place to spend the summer without having to book or pay extra. If you are looking for the best weather in Espara to spend your vacations, this is the place for you! Investment
Those who are looking for places to make the most of the property for rent, especially in the summer months. It is an area in high demand by both domestic and foreign tourism. Being able to recover the investment in a passive and effortless way. If you are looking for a future investment without having to worry about tenants we can advise you and take care of your home, getting only potential customers in vacation rental. We have a great demand for properties in summer where we make it easy for owners and tenants to have a great vacation in Fuengirola. So if you are thinking of investing we assure you that it is a safe investment where you will notice the benefits in a short time.
If you invest, you win! Regular Home
The demand for property in the area has risen due to the pandemic and the infinity of people looking for a quiet and pleasant place all year round. Making it one of the favorite spots especially for foreigners from Northern Europe, who try to find a warmer and cozier home, fleeing from adverse climates. Although more Spanish people decide to move to a warm climate and coast to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and improve their quality of life. It is perfect for families, as it is an ideal environment for the little ones to grow up and enjoy and play outdoors as much as possible, providing both you and them with better health and wellbeing.
  Invest in quality of life for you and yours!   Property prices in Fuengirola These are very varied and depend on many factors such as... the area, the square meters, the views or the orientation among others. Over the years the demand has been growing and prices have been increasing, as more and more people are interested in this area. But since 2008 when the price was at 1879 €/m2 until today that reaches 2579 €/m2 , this varies greatly and depends on the characteristics of the property. But you can see an increase in price due to the demand for both investment and for permanent housing. It should also be noted that the benefits that can be obtained from these properties have also increased, so it can be a safe bet to create passive income.   According to the studies carried out In 2020 housing in Spain rose to 6.8% two tenths higher than 2019 and up 1.5 points from 5 years ago. According to a study in Fotocasa the province of Malaga closed 2020 with an average below the national 5% (below last year and the same as in 2015). This is due to the rise in rental prices, which has made buying a home and renting it out "highly profitable". It is estimated that last year was 2.5 points more profitable than 10 years ago. So Malaga has increased its property sales making most of its locations more profitable than before, being in Fuengirola of 4.5% profitability.

Cadastral Reference in Spain

What is the cadastral reference? It is the alphanumeric code of a property that consists of 20 characters, it is mandatory and each one has its exclusive reference. All the properties have this reference to be able to have them in the official registry and it is assigned by the Cadastre. It is basically an "identity card" to identify your property. This reference corresponds to an exact physical address that is used to have no margin of error and to know the characteristics of a property.
There are two terms that you must be very clear when differentiating between them: The cadastral reference is the alphanumeric number of the property and the cadastral value is the administrative value of your property taking into account the value of the land and the work, this may be different from the value at which it is sold.
Any interested party can look at the cadastral reference and know the characteristics of the property or where exactly it is located. For example, if a property belongs to a community of neighbors the cadastral number that is assigned to a property will indicate the exact point of the house, its portal, staircase, floor or letter... Being exclusive the number for each house in the same community. What can you know with the cadastral reference?
It gives you all the characteristics of a property from its exact location, to the m2 or the year of construction. What is the cadastral value of the land? The cadastral reference is based, according to the Sociedad de Tasación, on: -The length and number of facades
-The depth of the plot, the irregularities, if it is a different surface from the minimum required by the urban plan.
-If it is temporarily impossible to build on due to its age or if it is affected by any type of use of the land due to any official protection regime. What is the cadastral surface? The sum of the built-up areas in the private area plus the corresponding part of the common areas and is expressed in square meters built. Ways to obtain the cadastral reference This must be in all the documents of economic or tax expenses that are related to the property.
To obtain this code you can do it through several sites: -From the electronic headquarters of the Cadastre
-Last receipt of IBI
-Certificate of the town hall
-In the public deeds that carry the cadastral reference or through the information in the property registry, if this appears as written.  How to know the cadastral reference of a property through the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre? To know the cadastre of a property you must first go to the official web page of the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre, once in the main page you must click on the central part of the map to access the property search engine. Once it appears, click on the mapping button to access the information of the properties.
Here you will enter a map that if you approach an area you will see the different plots delimited by purple lines and that each one corresponds to an alphanumeric code, here click on the plot you want information and a window will appear where there will be a list called "information of the properties" that will appear all the properties that are within the selected plot. Keep in mind that if it is a large community of neighbors will appear all of them, if you click on the cadastral reference of a particular property will open a particular file.   How to know the cadastral reference of your property? To find your property you must access the central map of the home page of the electronic headquarters of the cadastre and get into the tab street / number if it is a house or a commercial property, write the complete address, once filled in, click on the data button to confirm. If your property does not appear try to change the block for the staircase or vice versa, sometimes there is confusion in this data. If you have a plot or industrial estate go to the corresponding tab and fill in the necessary information. Or if you are in a place you can find the cadastral reference using your GPS. Once you enter the address of the property you will see a page with the data of your property and in the section "Descriptive data of the property" you will be able to find the cadastral reference. This code is the one that you will be asked for when making the tax return and with it you will be able to access quickly to the information of your property.   Who assesses the value of the cadastral land?
It is carried out by the General Directorate of Cadastre or through collaboration agreements with public administrations. A simultaneous update of the cadastral values of the same class of properties in an area can be made if there is a difference between the cadastral values and the market values due to:
-Modifications of urban planning.
-Modification of the real estate market.
-When 5 years have passed since the entry into force of the cadastral values derived from previous procedures, provided that 10 years have passed since the date. If you have any questions about how to get your cadastral reference or want to know some information about the properties we have, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve all your doubts. We can make a market study and justify the price of your property so you can get the most out of your property.  

Live in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is a small coastal town at the foot of the mountains located between Malaga and Marbella that belongs to the Costa del Sol.
It is considered one of the most touristic places, since in summer it is capable of hosting up to 250,000 inhabitants.
The origin of its name seems to come from the toponym of the Castilian, which referred to the existence of some sources that supplied water to the sailors who came. Currently its economy is governed by the tourism sector, especially in the summer months.
It is a place where you can enjoy the sun practically all year round, having about 3000 hours of sunshine a year, as it has a southern climate in both winter and summer. It has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of 18º in winter, leaving generally mild temperatures and hot summers that reach 30º.   Brief history of Fuengirola
It is said to have been founded by the Phoenicians, who called Fuengirola Syalis. After the 2nd Punic War, it became a Roman domain like the rest of the settlements in the south of Hispania.
During the Roman settlement it became known as Suel. It was considered a federated city until it was invaded by the Vandals and later by the Byzantines. Making its population fled to the mountains. Fuengirola was abandoned for a long time due to the reappearance of piracy and Visigoth hordes. Several Roman remains have been found such as the fish salters on the banks of the hill of the Sohail Castle or the baths and the villa of the Finca del Secretario. After a long period of abandonment it ended up being conquered by the Arabs coming from North Africa. The name Sohail was given to both the territory and its castle, it was said that because the star of Sohail (the brightest star in the southern hemisphere and guide of the desert nomads) could only be seen from the Sohail Castle. On August 7, 1485 the Christian troops took Sohail Castle. After their attempt to repopulate Fuengirola they ended up failing due to the different threats they suffered at that time, leaving it reduced to a defensive fortress and coastal surveillance. In the modern age Fuengirola depended on Mijas until little by little the threats on the coast began to reduce and soon it began to be populated again. But this time its settlement settled on the other side of the river, where in the early eighteenth century an inn was built near the beach that served as accommodation for fishermen, nomads and passers-by, causing a small village to form next to this inn. During the Spanish War of Independence, the Sohail castle was in the hands of the French, where the battle of Fuengirola took place in which a Polish garrison led by France faced a Spanish-British army. Both sides fled for different reasons, leaving part of the castle destroyed and abandoned.   Battle of Fuengirola, oil painting by Jan Suchodolski. Thus forcing Fuengirola to return to belong to Mijas because most of the inhabitants fled looking for a safer place thus reducing its population after the numerous invasions and expropriating part of its territory because they did not have enough economic strength or population to be an independent municipality. At that time Mijas had about 1000 inhabitants as opposed to 400 in Fuengirola. Therefore, the provincial council of Malaga did not allow the creation of a town hall in Fuengirola until 1841. Fuengirola was affected by the reduced territory it received and tried to expand it at different times. From the 1930s the first hotels began to be built on the first line of the beach. This made its tourist activity grow since 1960 and has not stopped growing since then, making it one of the major points of interest for travelers looking for a good climate.
Today Fuengirola has an extension of 10.37 km with 8 km of coastline divided into 7 beaches and it's divided into different areas.   Different areas to live in Fuengirola  Castillo Sohail
One of the areas with more historical wealth of the city and that takes us our roots, preserving the most important monument of the city, Sohail Castle in which different colonies settled and hosted numerous war stories. Now it is a place of tourist leisure where numerous activities take place especially in the summer months organizing one of the most famous festivals of the city the Marenostrum , in which they set up stages, bars and food places becoming the most successful summer leisure of the city, hosting a multitude of artists from all over getting an unbeatable atmosphere. In the winter months you can enjoy its beautiful and spacious gardens to stroll, sunbathe or do some outdoor activity. Una de las zonas con más riqueza histórica de la ciudad y que nos lleva nuestras raices, conservando el  monumento más importante de la ciudad, El Castillo Sohail en el que se asentaron diferentes colonias y albergaron numerosas historias bélicas. Ahora es un sitio de ocio turístico donde se realizan numerosas actividades sobretodo en los meses de verano organizándose uno de los más famosos festivales de la ciudad el Marenostrum, en el que montan escenarios, bares y sitios de comida llegando a convertirse en el ocio de verano con más exito de la ciudad, acogiendo a multitud de artistas de todas partes consiguiendo un ambiente inmejorable. En los meses de invierno puedes disfrutar de sus hermosos y amplios jardines para pasear, tomar el sol o hacer alguna actividad al aire libre.
It is a central area, well located and close to all needs, preserving a quiet and relaxed atmosphere especially in the off-season months. It is a privileged area to spend the summer, very demanded by the tourism due to its proximity to the beach and its tranquility, it is located in the western part of Fuengirola next to the Alaminos river, along this river you can find the river park and the green areas of its surroundings until you reach the beach. Right next to the river is the Miramar Shopping Center, where you can find numerous establishments. The properties in this area are often used as tourist investments or as second homes for summer vacation. It also has a beach for dogs and specific parks for our canines. Es una zona céntrica, bien ubicada y cerca de todas las necesidades, conservando un ambiente tranquilo y relajado sobretodo en los meses de baja temporada. Es una zona privilegiada para veranear, muy demandado por el turismo debido a su cercanía con la playa y su tranquilidad, se encuentra ubicado en la parte oeste de Fuengirola junto al río Alaminos, a lo largo de este río podrá encontrar el parque fluvial y las zonas verdes de sus alrededores hasta llegar a la playa. Justo al lado del río se encuentra el Centro Comercial Miramar, en el que podrás encontrar numerosos establecimientos. Las propiedades de esta zona suelen usarse como inversión turística o como 2º residencias para veranear. También cuenta con una playa para perros y parques específicos para nuestros caninos.
Ideal for a nice walk by the sea in the morning!

 Fuengirola (Center)
Area connected to everything, busy and connected to everything. Perfect for not having to depend on transportation. It is where the activity of the city is. In the coastal area of the center is the nightlife of the area, where you can find everything from concerts, karaokes to clubs or discos. Fuengirola stands out for its coastline extensions making you can even in the center disconnect on the beach sunbathing or enjoying a water activity in the port. It is usually more affluent in summer, where locals and tourists go out to take advantage of the summer nights to enjoy the sea breeze after a hot day. In this area is located the port of Fuengirola, where the fishing tradition of the town is still preserved and many water activities for leisure. One of the most important beaches in the center is La cepa where the oldest beach bar of our city is located. Here you can taste local fish and typical dishes of the area.
In the center you will also find the train and bus stations that connect Fuengirola with the different areas and with other municipalities. The properties in this area are usually a good investment to benefit regardless of the season, due to the tourist and labor demand, since the inhabitants tend to rent them for work throughout the year and tourists to be able to have ease of travel especially in the summer months. Unwind and enjoy the summer nightlife!
El Boquetillo This part of Fuengirola is the central residential area with more history, quite affluent and close to everything. It is located in the less coastal part of the center, perfect to live and to be able to follow the daily routine. It could be said that it is one of the areas where its cultural richness has been preserved, since it has its own market, emblematic establishments, even its own fair. It is also a place where the most autochthonous citizens of the area live. The properties in this area are ideal for families or couples who want to live near the center of the city.  It is the most local area of our city!    Los Boliches
It is an old fishing village, the name comes from Santa Fe de los Boliches, which refers to the fishing gear that was used on these beaches, where the boats used to catch anchovies. It is currently part of Fuengirola, as it is an extension of the center. It is a central residential area where you can have everything within reach, ideal for families and people who want to live without depending on transportation, while retaining all the amenities you need for someone who lives here all year round. (There are train and bus stops that connect very well with other parts of the city) It is a less affluent area than the city center. Here you can find everything you may need in your day to day life. Libraries, market, bakeries, churches and much more.
Los Boliches has larger and quieter beaches than downtown. Preserving the family and residential atmosphere of the area. In this area you can also find the fairground where different festivals and events of our culture are organized such as the Fair of the villages Fuengirola. Every Tuesday morning there is a flea market where you can find locally grown fruit and vegetables, clothes and other goods. Live as one of our city!    Los Pacos
In the center of the pacos are several establishments, schools and stores where you can cover your basic needs, it is advisable to have a vehicle if you want to move around the city easily. Although it has buses that facilitate the mobility of this area. It is located in the inner part of Fuengirola, so if you want sea you will have to move 1km to the coast. It is one of the favorite areas for the colonies of foreigners who live here. And where you will be able to find different establishments directed to this foreign public that resides in
Fuengirola. One of the most popular colonies in our city is the Finnish colony that has settled and implemented its culture in the area, as they have churches, concert halls, supermarkets and even bookstores adapted to Finns especially in Los Boliches and Los Pacos. It is also very demanded by Swedes, English and Danes. It is one of the favorite destinations for northern countries as a coastal city in the south with good weather but that keeps that quiet residential charm. Disconnect from the city with nature and tranquility!
Una zona turística, tranquila para desconectar de la rutina y el estrés de la ciudad. Esta parte une la naturaleza del campo con la costa y sus playas. Creando un ambiente natural y pacífico, es el sitio preferido para los extranjeros jubilados que residen aquí. Ya que se respira tranquilidad en cualquiera de sus zonas. Los locales y establecimientos se encuentran casi todos ubicados junto al paseo marítimo y alrededores. La parte más interna es más una zona residencial con zonas verdes y parques. Si estás pensando en vivir aquí es buena idea tener vehículo propio para poder moverte libremente, ya que aunque es una zona bien comunicada no hay transporte público para todos los puntos de torreblanca y las cuestas puede dificultarlo más. Dispone de parada de tren a Málaga y a Fuengirola, además de autobuses en sus puntos más importantes.
A tourist area, quiet to disconnect from the routine and stress of the city. This part unites the nature of the countryside with the coast and its beaches. Creating a natural and peaceful environment, it is the favorite place for retired foreigners who reside here. It breathes tranquility in any of its areas. The premises and establishments are almost all located along the promenade and surroundings. The inner part is more of a residential area with green areas and parks. If you are thinking of living here it is a good idea to have your own vehicle to move freely, because although it is a well connected area there is no public transport to all parts of Torreblanca and the slopes can make it more difficult. It has a train stop to Malaga and Fuengirola, as well as buses in its most important points. Experience the natural essence of Fuengirola! 
It is located on the border with Benalmadena and is one of the key points for summer, as it is located in an area less exploited than Fuengirola, it breathes summer and its beautiful walk along the coastal path overlooking Fuengirola and part of Benalmadena will not leave you indifferent. It is a little crowded area on the outskirts and lives mainly from tourism. It is well connected by bus and train to the points of interest, although it is advisable to have a vehicle if you want to live in the area further away from the coast. One of its most important points is the Caliphate beach, where many inhabitants of Fuengirola prefer to go to enjoy its more natural and quiet beaches. It is a special beach for dogs, where families usually come to spend the day and enjoy different activities. It is also perfect for a drink while watching the sunset in summer enjoying good company, as it has several bars on the beach with stunning views.
In the part closer to the mountain is the residential part, a quieter area perfect to disconnect and enjoy stunning views of the coast or the mountains of Mijas. Perfect to enjoy a good mojito with an incredible sunset! Public transport
Fuengirola is very well connected thanks to its public transport network being the star transport the bus. Although it also has a train station that communicates with Malaga center and the different municipalities in the area. Bus
There are two types of buses depending on the type of displacement: -There are buses to go to other municipalities or cities that have to be taken from the Portillo bus station located in the center of the city. -And a network of buses that run through the city according to the type of line, distributed throughout the city to facilitate access to different areas. The bus network has 6 lines covering the 10km2 of Fuengirola distributed in:
L1 and L5 connect Los Pacos with the Miramar shopping center area.
L2 and L3 connect the best known areas of the municipality, the Boquetillo area (less coastal part of the center) with Carvajal.
L4 runs from one end of Fuengirola to the other, connecting Miramar with Carvajal.
And L6 facilitates mobility between Los Pacos and Torreblanca. If you want to know more information about the transport networks consult this graphic or visit this link  Trains
The train line has 18 stops that connects Malaga with Fuengirola and the different municipalities included in this strip. Trains depart every 30 min. and connects with 4 of the areas of Fuengirola (The center, Los Boliches, Torreblanca and Carvajal). It is one of the fastest options if you want to move from one area to another without passing through the middle of the city. To see the train stops click here If you need to know the timetables for your destination point in Renfe click here Fuengirola points of interest
Regarding its beaches, it is important to highlight the most popular ones: the beaches of Castillo, Santa Amalia and Boliches, without forgetting the beaches of Torreblanca, Las Gaviotas or Carvajal. It is also worth mentioning its local gastronomy, with outstanding dishes such as sardine skewers, cold pescaíto, ajoblanco and gazpacho. In addition to its desirable beaches, especially sought after in the summer months, Fuengirola has other places of interest that are worth visiting, starting with the Sohail Castle, which houses one of our greatest historical wealth, continuing with the Torreblanca Thermal Baths or its well-known zoo the Bioparc Fuengirola. Another point of interest is the Obsborne Bull located in Torreblanca and from where you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of Fuengirola and its coastline.

Malaga becomes the new focus of real estate investment

New favorite destination for investors  According to data from the Ministry of Development, last year 2020 more than 24,600 properties were managed, 50% more than in the Andalusian capital, Seville. This increase in activity in the city is due to the transactions of new free housing with 52% more compared to 2019. Due to this growing demand, there has been an increase on the part of investors in the real estate sector, placing Malaga as the third focus of real estate investment below Madrid and Barcelona. This study carried out by Vision Malaga 2021 compiles data on this year with respect to 2020 and the forecasts for 2022, on how the market has changed and how it will change from now on. Also noteworthy is the increase in interest from technology companies in Malaga. The bet of Google and Vodafone for the city will have a knock-on effect, as will the bet of the telemarketing sector on the Costa del Sol with the arrival of new international companies. During 2020 better conditions were achieved so that after the return to normality there is a strong reactivation of the real estate market. It is expected that once the vaccination campaign is completed and the flights between the different demanding countries are regularized there will be a significant increase in the real estate market, but especially on the Costa del Sol. That is why it is estimated that in 2022 there will be a considerable increase in the demand for housing.  There will be an increase in the real estate market in 2022 The real estate market in Malaga has remained active thanks to two factors: the activity of the demand and the speed of sale in the capital. There has been a rapid recovery and in turn sales have stopped on the Costa del Sol during the pandemic, due to flight restrictions by the demanding countries, causing a decrease in visits and interested contacts. Savills Aguirre comments that Malaga must be prepared to continue to be in the sights of investors, showing itself as a different option to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​for which it must bet on the development of new buildings, satisfying the growing demand for being a city with an enormous cultural wealth, where you can live and work with one of the best climates in Europe. If you are thinking of investing in Malaga as a lifestyle or to earn money, we recommend that you consult the current market and seek advice to find out what exactly you need. We have professionals who can help you know the current state of the real estate market in all its aspects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we love to share our knowledge and experience.    

If you are thinking of buying a second hand house in Spain, this interests you

  There will be a tax change when buying a home in 2022 Congress accepted a bill that will modify the calculation of the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP), the tax paid by those who buy a used home. From now on, the buyer will not pay taxes for what his second-hand house has cost him, if not for its market value (the reference value estimated by the General Directorate of the Land Registry). The Ministry of Finance ensures that this new law will enter into force in January 2022, which will affect all sales that are signed from this date, since it is not retroactive. What does this modification suppose? This tax will be calculated from real estate transaction prices provided by Notaries and Registrars. Therefore, it is not necessary to visit the property, nor will you have to know the state of conservation, materials used, if it is renovated ... This will affect the ITP (Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions) and the Tax on Inheritance and Donations (ISyD). It will no longer be necessary to make a visit or an on-site check of the property sold, inherited or donated to know if the taxpayer has paid the correct value, the taxable base will be the reference value approved by the Cadastre. If the taxpayer does not agree with the reference value, they will have to prove their mistake with evidence, the burden of proof falling on the taxpayer and they will have to demonstrate that the Land Registry reference value does not correspond to the market value.   How does it affect the buyer of a used home? Currently, many times a value check is made, which is when the regional Treasury checks the value of the property purchased because it estimates that the buyer has paid less taxes than he should, where the new reference value based on the cadastre comes into play. Due to the fact that the houses are valued above the notarized price, the autonomous estate ends up demanding from the buyer of a cheap house or the heir of a house a payment higher than that initially paid by the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) or the Inheritance Tax and Donations (ISD). difference between market price and management value   Normally when this happens the regional Treasury opens a claim when it believes that the value of a sale or inheritance is higher than the price that was registered, according to the regional administrations or the reference value (when it comes into force in 2022). This modification of the extra property tax as a "complementary settlement of securities" that is accompanied by interest for late payment. This tells us that there is a big difference between the market price and the value established by the administration. And how are the CCAA going to determine the value of a house? As of January 2022, it will be done with the new reference value approved by the General Directorate of the Land Registry. Therefore, the administration will not be obliged to send an expert to make a visit to the house sold, inherited or donated, so the seller who makes reforms to his house to revalue it before selling it will be punished considering that it is worth the same as a house in the same area without reforms. Although this reference value has not yet been approved, it is envisaged that “When there is no reference value or it cannot be certified by the General Directorate of Cadastre, the taxable base, without prejudice to the administrative verification, will be the highest of the following magnitudes: the value declared by the interested parties or the market value ”.   Therefore, when the Land Registry reference value comes into force, taxpayers must declare in accordance with said value, because it is required by law. How to act until the new Land Registry reference value comes into force? This new rule provides that the taxable base of the properties will be this reference value based on the Cadastre, but until the new value comes into force the legal forecast remains incomplete. For this reason, in 2021, the assessments will have to be made as before. Using any of the means provided in article 57.1 of the General Tax Law, claiming that the methods used are not adequate to obtain the market value of the property. And criticizing, depending on the case, the lack of a visit by the expert to the property, or the use of a means such as mortgage appraisal, reviled by several Superior Courts of Justice. Therefore, this delay in the Land Registry in approving its reference value will give us a slight truce, before the new value checks take effect, once the reference value is applicable.   Be very careful with paying taxes according to the value of reference in case of deed for a higher amount!   With this new tax anti-fraud law, the taxpayer has the obligation to pay taxes for the taxed value if it is higher than the official value of the Autonomous Community. The new wording of article 10 of the Property Transfer Tax Law states that “if the value of the property declared by the interested parties, the agreed price or consideration, or both are higher than its reference value, the taxable base will be the greater of these magnitudes ”. For example: If you buy a property for € 400,000 but the official valuation of the corresponding Autonomous Community is only € 290,000. Many taxpayers considered that, in this case, they are claiming the possibility of paying taxes for the official value of the Community, without exposing themselves to receiving a value check. And that article 46.3 of the Transmission Tax Law was not applicable in these cases. How to challenge the new Land Registry reference value There are two options to contest this reference value for which it is considered not to reflect the purchase value:   ·  Self-liquidate for the official value and immediately afterwards request the rectification of the self-assessment,
     also challenging the reference value.

  ·  Self-liquidate for the value that the taxpayer considers that the home has (usually the deed) and later appeal the verification of values that may come from the regional administration. Both settlement and the reference value will be used. In this case, the Tax Administration will resolve a previous mandatory and binding report from the General Directorate of the Land Registry, which ratifies or corrects the aforementioned value, in view of the documentation provided. That is, it will be the Treasury who will request a report from the Land Registry to ratify or correct the reference value of the home purchased or inherited. Taxes linked to the sale For second-hand homes, the most important tax is the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP). In this case, it depends on the percentage that is applied on the notarized price and on the autonomous community in which the house is located, although as a general rule between 6% and 10% is applied. However, for VPO, large families and young people there are usually reduced rates. For example, in Madrid large families who buy a free home will pay a 4% ITP on the notarized price as long as the home purchased is the usual one. These types currently apply: The agency, an optional expense  The agencies are usually the entities that the client can hire to process the tax settlement and manage other paperwork related to the purchase of the property. They are usually contracted when a mortgage is opened to acquire the property, its cost is usually around € 300, depending on the autonomous community and the services provided. However, if you need help to buy your property and need advice on the market, real estate laws or any other management on the property you want to acquire, you can receive free advice or help in legal procedures we can offer you exactly what you need, since we have more of 26 years building homes thanks to our team that has the experience and updating of the real estate market.

Most used apps in Fuengirola

  Are you planning your vacations on the Costa del Sol? Do you want to organize your plans without unforeseen events? Well, it's time for you to know the applications that we use the most in Fuengirola and surroundings to keep us informed
at all times on the news and information of the present.
You will be able to see which beach is more convenient for you to rest without so many crowds, the state of the beaches or the current weather.
These applications will serve you as if you live here as if you come on vacation, because you can keep abreast
of everything that happens in our city at any time from your smartphone.   MOST USED APPLICATIONS IN FUENGIROLA   1.Social Guardian It allows you to check the capacity of public spaces in the city without having to risk exposure to crowds,
allowing you to anticipate and plan your leisure time. How does it work? 1- Choose where you want to go. 2- Check the capacity of the area.        3- Plan your time to avoid queues and annoying crowds.
                         2.Juntos Fuengirola Avanza Application designed for citizens of Fuengirola who want to warn of any incident
on public roads, streets in poor condition, poorly marked obstacles, lack of cleanliness... This application sends the incidents directly to the Fuengirola Town Hall so that they can do something about it. Once the incident has been fixed
the Town Hall will send you an evaluation of the incident so they know your opinion about the changes made.
A cell phone is required to activate the application via SMS in order to be able to give warnings. Once activated you can use the application.
        3. + Fuengirola Perfect for both, visitors and locals of Fuengirola. This app contains a lot of useful information about Fuengirola and its activities.
In this app you can find from real time bus schedules, concerts and events that exist in the city, so you know what to do and where to go at all times.
If you are lost and do not know where to look to find out the latest news on the Costa del Sol. What are you waiting for to download it!        4. Telpark If you don't want to waste time paying at the parking meter or you want to increase the time of your parking in the green or blue
parking in the green or blue zones of the public streets of Fuengirola this will save you time and effort.
With this app you will be able to know how much time you have left for parking, pay while you are on your way to your work or appointment without taking more time for your
appointment without having to take longer because of the parking meter.
Avoid queues, waiting and looking for a parking meter. Parking in these areas has never been easier,
Plus, if you arrive early, you can cancel your hour limit and get back the unspent portion of your parking time. In short, it is designed to make your life easier without wasting time paying directly at the parking meter.         5.Infomedusas Are you tired of finding jellyfish on the beach and not wanting to swim?
Are you allergic to jellyfish stings? This application is a great invention to avoid finding jellyfish on your favorite beach, from this app you can choose the beach you want to visit and it will show you
the quantity, variety and danger of these jellyfish so you can be informed at all times of the spots where they are found.
and it will indicate you the quantity, variety and danger of jellyfish so that you are informed at all times of the points with more influxes of jellyfish, protecting you
and your family from their annoying stings. With more influxes of jellyfish protecting you and your family from their annoying stings that can ruin your day.            If you want to know more information about these applications click on the title or on the image to be redirected to the download page.
There you can find reviews, compatibility and services offered by the apps.

How to get the FREE energy certificate?

 Are you on the verge of selling your home, but paperwork is holding you back and preventing you
from moving forward with the sale?  This certificate could help you convince potential buyers and prevent this process from taking a long time, giving an incentive to those who are interested in buying
your property or being one step closer to being able to rent it.   Among other things, having the energy certificate can help you verify if a home has many energy costs, so many clients will ask you about this certificate to find out what type of electrical installation your home has and how it performs in terms of electricity consumption and expenses. , but...
What is the energy efficiency certificate? It is an official document drawn up by a competent technician that includes objective information on the energy characteristics of a property.
This energetically qualifies a property by calculating the annual energy consumption necessary to satisfy the energy demand of a building under normal conditions of occupation and operation. (includes hot water production, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation)
La escala de calificación energética es de siete letras y varía entre las letras A (edificio más eficiente energéticamente) y G (edificio menos eficiente energéticamente). Este certificado resulta obliga torio, salvo excepciones, para el propietari  o de cualquier parte individual de un edificio existente (viviendas, oficinas o locales) objeto deuna operación de compraventa o de alquiler.
The energy rating scale is seven letters long and ranges from A (most energy efficient building) to G (least energy efficient building). This certificate is mandatory, with exceptions,for the owner of any individual part of an existing building (homes, offices or premises) subject to a sale or rental operation.
For whom is this certificate mandatory? This energy certificate is not mandatory for everyone who owns a property, but it is mandatory for those who intend to rent or sell their property or for those who request a grant to rehabilitate their building.
If you belong to one of these three groups, you need this energy rating:  Owner intending to sell their homes. It can be requested by the future buyer or the notary with whom you will arrange the papers to sell your property.
 Owner with interest in renting, must have said certificate in force to be able to rent the property. Parts of isolated buildings with a useful surface of less than 50m2 are excluded from this group and homes that are going to be used for less than 4 months a year and with an energy consumption of less than 25% of what would result if they were used the whole year.completo.

 Community of owners who wish to apply for aid or subsidies to carry out certain maintenance and / or rehabilitation works, need to have the so-called building evaluation report, which is made up of several documents and one of them is the energy certificate.      Why is it important to acquire this energy certificate? Because selling or renting without having an energy certificate is an offense and is sanctioned with fines ranging between € 300 and € 600, it will also be easier for you to convince the potential buyer and you will avoid problems at the time of sale.
  In which buildings is the energy efficiency certificate not necessary? Buildings and monuments officially protected for being part of a declared environment, or because of their particular architectural or historical value. Religious and worship buildings.
Buildings with useful area of less than 50 m2. Workshops or dwellings provided alleres o habitáculos for agricultural work and not for residential use. Buildings that, due to their characteristics, must remain open. Provisional constructions, that are less than two years old from their manufacture.
Buildings or parts of buildings whose use is less than four months per year, or for a limited time per year and that results in an energy consumption of less than 25% of that expected for its use during the entire year, provided that this is established by means of responsible statement from the homeowner.  
                                  How can I obtain an energy efficiency certificate?   Currently there are technicians specialized in this type of certificate, they will value your home and assign a rating. Find an authorized certifying technician in your area, and make an appointment to visit your home. During his visit, the technician will make a sketch, take measurements of the rooms, check the materials of the façade and enclosures, and inspect the heating and air conditioning installations. When he finishes, he will make a plan and enter the data into a computer program that will provide him with the energy rating. With all this valuable information, the technician will generate a dossier for you to keep. It will include recommendations for improvement that would allow you to improve the energy rating.
Register the certificate: once you have the document, you must present it to the competent body of your autonomous community, so that it verifies that everything is correct and they record it. You can do the registration yourself, although most certifying technicians offer to do it for you, making your life easier. Once registered and approved, the official energy label will be issued.    How much does it cost to get the energy rating of your house? Energy certificates have to be carried out by qualified technicians, otherwise they will not have any type of value. These have a cost that varies around several factors: location, type of property, area in square meters, facilities ...
 Su precio aproximado varía dependiendo de la zona, la demanda y el técnico, pero para que te hagas una idea suele rondar en viviendas de menos de 80 metros cuadrados entre 80 y 250 euros. Para viviendas más grandes, el precio va incrementándose progresivamente, situándonos en alrededor de para viviendas de entre 80 y 150 metros cuadrados. Its approximate price varies depending on the area, the demand and the technician, but to give you an idea it usually hovers in homes of less than 80 square meters between 80 and 250 euros. For larger homes, the price is progressively increasing, reaching around 100-300 euros for homes between 80 and 150 square meters.  
How can you get your free energy certificate, at no cost?   If you are thinking of leaving it for the last minute, you could lose a potential buyer for not having done it before, this certificate could be a great incentive for your potential client and it may be the reason they need to take the last step and buy your home. But ... What if we told you that you can get it without having to invest time or money in it?
Now you can benefit from our exclusive offer that we have created for you
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   What do you have to do to get the energy certificate for free?
Requirements to obtain the energy certificate
for free with GR ESTATES:                                                                      1- You need to be a homeowner in Fuengirola or nearby.  
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What does an estate agent do when selling a house?

  Help you set the value of your home An estate agent will be able to give you an expert view on how much your house is worth, setting it at the right price to market.
They will draw upon their knowledge of the local property market as well sold prices of other local homes like yours. It is important to do your research first so you have a figure in your mind.
To do this, start by getting a free online instant valuation and by checking Land Registry figures A good agent will have experience of what features buyers in the local area are looking for, If you are considering using an online estate agent,
you need to know that online agents tend to lack knowledge of the local market and will therefore be heavily reliant on online data to carry out their valuations.   Market your home Your estate agent should arrange for your property to be professionally photographed, get an accurate floor plan drawn up and write a detailed, accurate, attractive description of your home to be used in the brochure, its shop window and on the big property portals. You shouldn’t have to pay any extra for the photography and these other basics as they should all be included in the % fee the estate agent charges for marketing and selling your home. Before you start marketing your home it is a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which tells potential buyers how information about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs. Your home will be given an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and the EPC is valid for 10 years. If you don’t have it. Your local estate agent can organise this for you for a fee.   Conduct viewings Your estate agent will arrange viewings of your home and guide potential buyers around the property answering any questions or queries people have.
Your agent should also make sure your property is secure when they leave after a viewing.
Once your property is on the books with an estate agent they may have a list of potential buyers who have expressed an interest in a property like yours that they will call to market your home to.  The advantage of using an estate agent to conduct viewings on your behalf is they are seen as a more neutral party by potential buyers who may ask them questions that they would be embarrassed to ask the owner themselves.   Manage negotiations A key part of an estate agent’s job is to manage negotiations and act as a go-between for any potential buyers and the owner of a property. Offers should be made to the estate agent who will pass them on to the owner and, similarly, relay the seller’s response to any offer submitted.

If you are thinking about making an offer on a property you can ask the estate agent for more information on the position of the owners – have they found their dream home and are they in need of a quick sale, or do they need
someone who is prepared to wait while they hunt for somewhere to live? Buyers can also usually get a feel for what level of offer might be considered acceptable by the vendor via the estate agent.
Many people think an estate agent’s job ends once an offer has been accepted, but this is where a good estate agent will really come into their own by helping make sure that the offer moves forward, unblocking issues up During this period your estate agent can act as your adviser. You can lean on them as much or as little as you want. You should choose a real estate agent who gives you confidence and can give you a subjective and real opinion of your situation in the real estate market.
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